The Magic Begins …

… at home.

When Toffi and I stayed at the Mirage in Las Vegas, we were of course a little sad that we couldn’t experience the magic that is Siegfried & Roy. Guess we came a couple of years too late.

Anyways, we had a great time visiting the Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy with all the wild animals. In the little shopette by the zoo I found the book “The Magic Begins At Home” by S&R. The style is a good companion to the Michael Jackson auction catalogue.

More pictures after the jump, the full glory is on flickr.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

8 thoughts on “The Magic Begins …”

  1. How long must I continue to wait for someone to
    tell me how can I get Siegfried and Roy’s Book
    The magic Begins At Home.
    I have left my 2 ways to reach me. I have left my
    E-mail address and my cell #.
    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could kindly tell me how I can get the Book.

  2. Dear Teresa,
    I bought it at the Mirage / Secret Garden store in Las Vegas. It does not seem to be easily available online. Good luck hunting it down.

  3. To porduzentin,
    Thank you so much for telling me where I can find
    the book of Magic Begins At Home.
    I will give the Secret garden Store to see if they still have plenty of copies left.
    And again,Thank you so very much.


  4. Photo #4 Of Siegfried/Roy(Darkness&Light)

    The photo of siegfried- It shows a very different
    side of Siegfried. A more Intellectual side.A softer side of Siegfried.

    Photo #6(Siegfried in his Bedroom)
    Now that’s where I would like to be, sittng on
    Siegfried’s bed with him.

    Photo#7&8( No shirt on/sitting with the Lion)
    The photo with Siegfried And NO SHIRT OMG!!!!
    All I can say is Very Sexy Hot!!!
    and Siegfried with the Lion I would love to be there with Siegfried.
    Photo#9( Siegfried by Himself)
    It looks as if he is pondering over something.
    very sensual looking.
    Photo#10( S&R)
    No matter what Siegfried is wearing or what he does he does it in style.

  5. I will now get a copy of THE MAGIC BEGINS AT HOME
    Book. then I can look at Siegfried all the time.

    Siegfried will always be HEAVEN’S SEXY HOT ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO one can never come close. Siegfried is Heaven Sent.
    All HUGS& KISSES to Siegfried FOREVER !!!!!!!

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