On This Is It


When Mary, Toffi and myself saw This Is It in Berlin we were very hungover. We had set up Girlscamp near Alexanderplatz. The cinema was just around the corner. Toffi had not slept the night before because Mary and I did not hear him ring the doorbell from 6 to 8am. Or maybe he sat in front of the wrong door, ringing the wrong bell.

After we sat through the boring trailers, I woke Toffi up: “This Is It. This is the moment.”

“I say that because of love. L. o. v. e.” Michael would say after requesting changes from the dancers or the musical director.

We fell in love with the dancers. The dancer clones in They Don’t Care About Us.

The King of Pop, during a very emotional scene with all dancers and musicians on stage, said that we have 4 years to save the planet. We were with him in a heartbeat. I mean what does Madonna know anyways, who thought we only had 4 Minutes to save the world?

Michael’s outfits were amazing. OK, maybe minus the Ed Hardy pants he wore at one point.

MJ’s stylist for the This Is It concerts was Serbian born Rushka Bergman, who first met when she styled him in Dior Homme for the October 2007 issue of Italian Vogue L’Uomo. For Micheal’s look for the shows, Bergman collaborated with Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, John Galliano, Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme and Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

MJ & Rushka

In Givenchy

In Balmain

‘This Is It’ movie showcases Michael Jackson’s fashion comeback, LA Times
MJJ2005 Forum

Where Michael shops
MJ Auction
Pinocchio Statuette

Mario Montez in Berlin

One of the highlights of the Live Film! Jack Smith! festival of the arsenal cinema in Berlin was seeing and meeting legendary underground superstar Mario Montez, who had not appeared in public for 30 years. Mario started his career with the Jack Smith films Flaming Creatures (as Dolores Flores) and Normal Love before becoming one of he first Warhol superstars.
With Jack Smith, he shared a fascination of 1950’s/60’s gay camp icon Maria Montez, who became the source of inspiration for Mario’s drag name.

Jack Smith on Ubuweb
Mario Montez on Warholstars.org
Article on Mario Montez with some pictures by Avery Willard, 1971

Marc Siegel and Mario Montez at the opening of Live Film! Jack Smith!

The next few photos have images from Mario Montez’ scrapbook projected in the backdrop. The first two are Maria Montez movie posters.

Poster by Jack Smith

Mario with White Pussy (Warhol’s cat)

Tony Conrad in conversation with Mario Montez

Mary Messhausen, Mario Montez, produzentin

The Magic Begins …

… at home.

When Toffi and I stayed at the Mirage in Las Vegas, we were of course a little sad that we couldn’t experience the magic that is Siegfried & Roy. Guess we came a couple of years too late.

Anyways, we had a great time visiting the Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy with all the wild animals. In the little shopette by the zoo I found the book “The Magic Begins At Home” by S&R. The style is a good companion to the Michael Jackson auction catalogue.

More pictures after the jump, the full glory is on flickr.

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Mind Is The Magic

With this entry I would like to slowly move your attention from Michael Jackson to Siegfried & Roy. And what better way than with the song “Mind Is The Magic”. Recorded by Michael Jackson for Siegfried & Roy in 1989(?) and used in a trailer for one of their magical shows. This is Las Vegas.

If you’re in a hurry fast forward to 2:45 to hear Michael sing the chorus: Siegfried & Roy! Siegfried & Roy!

They Call Her G-G

And I’m not talking about Gossip Girl here. It’s the Governor General I’m interested in. It all comes down to this: Queen Elisabeth II. has a lot to do with reigning over 16 countries, so she needs a Governor General in Canada.

I’m obsessed with the role of the G-G for several reasons:

  • Most importantly: There is only one person above the G-G, the Queen
  • The G-G is addressed as His/Her Excellency
  • The G-G has his/her own flag and it is stunning. I would like to get a dress made out of a fabric with that cute little lion printed all over.

Maybe one day I can become a G-G, too. I’m an immigrant lady, so I have one of the prerequisites. However, the G-G gets appointed on advice of the Canadian Prime Minister. Mmmmh. There should be a way!


The G-G Flag
Her Excellency’s flag (source)

G-G in the news
G-G in the news: read the article