Last night was basically the official album release party for Mariah’s E=MC². Gartina took the stage and performed Fantasy and Make it Happen in a strobe light thunderstorm. Watch the Make It Happen climax. She was flawless as always. Jeremy was playing some hot dancehall. Mary’s hour glass figure transfixed the boys. My dress from the Mary Messhausen Mussy collection.

By the end of the night I was Mariah crazy and I screamed. “I’m going to play all 18 number one hits.” And that set the dancefloor on fire.

Thank you all for making Hotnuts happen.

The Muppet Show



Prancey Girl


Israel, Summer and friend

Miss Teen Jew, we can see your lunch

Not Cristabel, Glenn

Oliver and a straight guy first time in drag

James, Brendan J and friend

Prancey Girl, Zsa Zsa, Fay Slift

Shanda, look like you just got a rim job


Kevin Knows

Porcelaine Desire

Oliver and me

Crazy people



Mary Messhausen

all dip dyed

I didn't do it.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

5 thoughts on “Hotnuts²”

  1. Oh look at Pandy and U. What a couple. What a Love. I want to show it to the Grandchildren. The Grandchildren of Heaven. Miss ya.

  2. That photo of Prancey girl is O.O.C. I think she’s been goin’ off on that Patrone..

    and Proddy darling, you’re mussy has never looked better!


  3. and I was looking for some face for my donut.
    no one got my gaytarded slang, though. shet.

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