Muster für Fünf Hüte

Please come to the screening of Rushes for Five Hats by Oliver Husain.
Friday, July 13 in New York City.
Program starts at 7 pm, Five Hats at 8.30 pm.

Greene Naftali
508 West 26 St.

Five Hats
Zorica Vasic in Rushes for Five Hats

Cinematographer Iris Ng

Hair Brad Perry
Make Up Margot Keith
Costume Anthony Hill

PA Bojana Stancic
PAA Alex Wolfson
2nd AC Stuart Farndell
Stills produzentin
Music Matt Smith

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

6 thoughts on “Muster für Fünf Hüte”

  1. try to make a synchronistic transatlantik soundtrack by sighing or just breathing in my ffm dj booth. for o.

  2. thank you, darlings, i’ll be tuning in!! Don’t sigh for me, nzingtinha – the truth is, i never left you…

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