Amazing Party Mamas

I recently discovered a new TV show. Party Mamas. I think it’s a great show on the Canadian Slice channel, which goes by the tag line: Slice is my Vice.
So, Party Mamas. I couldn’t do a better job with wrapping the show’s concept into one sentence:

“Party Mamas, follows out-of-control mothers as they plan over-the-top extravaganza parties for their children.”

Here are a just couple out of a myriad reasons why Party Mamas is so good:

  1. Everyone just likes to say Party Mama
  2. By saying Party Mama everybody envisions how he or she would be an out-of-control Party Mama
  3. The Party Mamas run into a fit with just simple things going wrong, for instance, the request for reserving a table at a restaurant was not met and all the tables are occupied by Fatso Mamas. Party Mama turns red and screams at the waiters without hesitation.
  4. The show is so scripted, you forget it’s a reality show
  5. At the end, the spoiled brats say something like “That was the best party I ever had. It was amazing”

I especially adore episode 7 where Party Mama Dena throws a Circus themed Bat Mitzvah party for her daughter Natalie.

Party Mama: I love to go to the spa, it’s important. I love to do my yoga in the morning. I am always late. I didn’t get the being-on-time gene.

My dress
Child: I decided that it was my life, my party, my Bat Mitzvah, and I wanted to buy the dress – so I bought the dress.

At the food tasting.
Child: This is disgusting.
Dad: This is the greatest beef in the world
Child: I thought that they should let me have what I wanted. I am a vegetarian and all my friends are. I want broccoli, asparagus, carrots
Party Mama: You can’t just have vegetables. Natalie is not in charge of what is served at the Bat Mitzvah, I am in charge.

Not her
Mir wern kei Schlangefrau uff de Party ham.

I am at my breaking point
Party Mama: We are not having a contortionist at this Bat Mitzvah party. It will not happen. They wear skimpy clothing and I was worrying certain parts could be exposed. I’m at my breaking point. I have to call my therapist now.

Watch episode 7 for the full Party Mama drama.

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

One thought on “Amazing Party Mamas”

  1. we can’t see the video in germany. 😦
    they should also produce a spin off show “fatso mamas”

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