produzentin private: At the Sugar Shack

This weekend I traveled with friends to a farm 4 hours north of Toronto. My cell phone did not work, no internet. It was so much nature, I had my concerns.

Fortunally, the maple syrup harvest was in full effect. From the farm it was a short walk to the sugar shack. And I was wondering: why do they call this small hut sugar shack. However, it seems to be a common name for a place where the maple sap is boiled down to syrup. It has to boil hard, I can tell you. For around 12 hours. We got to the shack at 7 in the morning.

Wandering through the woods
Wandering through the woods and checking the maple sap buckets.
The sound of the dripping sap was mesmerizing.

Fishing the foam
The sap boiled in this huge tub. I am sifting the foam off the sap.
I had to do this every half hour or so. It was very exhausting but as everyone was in such good spirits, I kept going and going.

Heating the fire
Keeping the fire alive with Dave.

Tasting some sap. We drank it with coffee which was very delicious.
We boiled the liquid tree gold for another 5 hours.

With the sugar shack guys
Happy – after a full day of work with Denny and Dave.
Dave lives in a small cabin in the woods nearby. He invited me to his place.
Maybe I will stay with him the next time I’m up there.

I had such a wonderful time. Now I feel like a truly canadian girl.
The maple syrup I took home will keep my memories alive. And the juices flowing.

Big kisses to my friend Job who took the pictures.

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10 thoughts on “produzentin private: At the Sugar Shack”

  1. was hast du denn da für butche schuhe an?!? süß dieser hippie dave und auch das er so klein ist. am besten du besuchst ihn und gehst dann gar nicht mehr weg und wir kommen dann alle nachgereist und werden sowas wie die modernen, kanadischen cockettes. das wäre dann auch ein super hintergrund für einen zweiten teil zu violas kommenden film…


  2. mit diesen butchen boots konnte ich so richtig durch das laub hüpfen. und es wäre so toll, wenn wir im 2. teil durch den wald wällern würden.
    maple candy kisses to all of you!

  3. Das ist der tollste Bericht, den ich seit Ewigkeiten irgendwo gesehen habe! Ich bin entzückt. Denny und Dave sehen sehr nett aus, und Du funkelst wie ein Diamant! Ich komme sofort nach Kanada! Nacy, laß uns Koffer packen! Michi, komm doch auch mit! xxxx c

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