Parlez-vous japonais?

Lake Kawaguchi north of Mount FujiWhat have I gotten myself into?

Ever since I visited Japan a few years ago, I wanted to learn the language. On Tuesday I had my first Japanese course. The classes are in Japanese only, no English, German, whatsoever. I should have learned all the hiragana symbols before class but found that too boring. I thought: They will not use all the symbols in the first lesson, lets focus on the first 25. Bad idea!

After 30 min. we started to use ra and ro symbols which of yourse I didn’t know. Let alone how to write them. I was lost but cheated my way through the rest of the lesson.

The next class is tomorrow and to be prepared I’m hammering the hiragana symbols into my head. For them to stay forever. Period.

For your enjoyment: below are the numbers from 1 to 10 in romanji (spelling in brackets if different) and in hiragana. I’m not sure why 4, 7 and 9 need two different Japanese types. I know nothing. Now, please écoutez et répétez.

Sausage Fest1 – iti (ichi) – いち
2 – ni – に
3 – san – さん
4 – si / yon – し / よん
5 – go – ご
6 – roku – ろく
7 – siti (sichi) / nana – しち / なな
8 – hati (hachi) – はち
9 – ku / kyuu – く / きゅう
10 – zyuu – じゅう

Author: produzentin

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4 thoughts on “Parlez-vous japonais?”

  1. Poor Prodi, why do you do that hard things to your poor self? You are much too old to learn a completely new language such a japanse 😉 you will never get that in your little head 🙂 better stay by your nails and wigs, sweety

  2. don´t listen to that mean bitch. it´s great that you are going to learn japanese and you are not too old therefore! imagine how it will be, next time we are at louis vuitton reclaiming some purse and you can talk to these hot girls in japanese!
    you go girl!


  3. no, of course that was just bad kidding from me, I know that Prodi is a very smart girl.
    Not just wondernice, the also has it fist-thick after her ears!

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