Vazoween 2008

We had a blast last night at Vazoween. Mary Messhausen was hosting & No Bra was performing. Check out all the pictures on flickr.
I brought my ghost costume back, this time as T-Pain’s ghost as a Christmas tree.

Mary during the best costume contest

Vazoween 2006

At Vazoween

Last night, Oliver, Anthony and I went to the Vazaleen Halloween party. I wanted to avoid trouble and opted to go as a cheap ass ghost. Look what happened.

My favourite picture is NSFW. Check it out after the jump.
Nude bears love ghosts.

Stick backwards
Me and Anthony as Backwards

Cat cop
Oliver and Kevin

Nature and Sponge
Mother Nature and Miss Loofa

Ghost massacre
I was just trying to be nice. They just wanted to hurt me.

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