Hotnuts JPIV

Hotnuts Jurassic Park IV at lots for ‘sauruses stumbling on the dance floor after Peg Zilla’s and Tyrantasarus Skanks’ performance unleashed slimey dino eggs. Watch Peg & Skanks eat their offspring.

Thank you for the ancient times. Jurassic never felt so Permian.

Outfits of Mary Messhausen, produzentin, Peg Zilla and Bitz by Mary Messhausen Heritage

More after the jump and on flickr.

Mary Messhausen

proddy and Oliver


Peg Zilla


Minus Smile and Israel


das hussy

El Bear Tiger


Bruce La Bruce, Kevin, Bobo, Greg

Robert, Gentleman Reg, Danny

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Hallonuts Hotween

This is how Hotnuts should be every month. Almost everyone was dolled up and ready to party.

Thank you for making Halloween the most fun.

Mary Messhausen’s sister, Vic, dressed up as Mary Messhausen and introduced her granny sibling, Beulah. It was quiet a scandal at Hotnuts actually, because Vic used the word “blowjob” on stage. We were in shock. Then it was the debut performance of Beulah Messhausen. And who doesn’t want to see a hot, big granny strip?

Next up were Margot & Margot in a total twincest number that had all the right ingredients.

So many pictures after the jump, gazillions more on flickr.

Up next it’s blockbuster time: Jurassic Park 4 Hotnuts on November 27.

Proddy, Peg, Beuhlah



Buelah stripping

with the sexiest cat


sexy witch


Steph and Colin

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Mama & Mary Messhausen: Tiny Bubbles

Finally, here are two videos of Mama Messhausen performing at MuumuuNuts. In Tiny Bubbles, Mary joins her Mama on stage and the whole rooms sings with them: Makes me happy, makes me feel fine!

The second video has Mama Messhausen on the ukulele singing The Hukilau Song. Magic!

All in HD Cinemascope below.

Hotnuts Ham Hocks

Last night, the M 27s (hailing from Alberta) took the stage at the rammed Beaver and performed a rousing rendition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. We all freaked out.

Mary was lactating the whole night, although she is only one month pregnant but showing for nine. She was so exhausted after the party, that she’s now vacationing on MILF Island.
I was going for a “burka ewok slut at the circus” look. There were a couple of men from Alberta in the house who offered some serious oil money for a little private time. It was a pleasure djing with Jaime. We as in I blew the speakers twice. Doh.

For all your HD needs, the high-res pictures are on flickr with a couple of extra ones.
My dress by Vanessa, my make up by Margot. Yay!







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