In Love With Mean Girls

This is a transcript from a Mariah Carey interview she did with New York radio station Z100 earlier this week. I knew we had something in common!

Z100: You were just talking about Mean Girls. Have you seen any movies lately?
Mariah: I’m obsessed with Mean Girls.

Z100: Yeah, that’s the old school.
Mariah: The way I’ll sit there and like me and my friends will just watch that movie over and over. Did you see it yet?

Z100: You know what? I haven’t seen it yet.
Mariah: You have to see that movie.

Z100: That’s the one with Lindsay Lohan right?
Mariah: Yes.

Z100: I’ll have to make sure I check it out.
Mariah: And Rachel McAdams. It’s hot tamale. You have to see it.