Produzentin watches Pink by CW

Oh no, oh no, what happens?

I don’t want to blog about Pink, the movie by Charlie White. Because it is an ad for a sneaker company and THEY want me to do just that. So I don’t. But I’m a fanin of Charlie White ever since I saw his pictures of Joshua eons ago. Google the Pink video yourself.
I was just out of bed, wearing my cheap ass christmas pyjama, when I sucked in the short film.


produzentin private: At the Sugar Shack

This weekend I traveled with friends to a farm 4 hours north of Toronto. My cell phone did not work, no internet. It was so much nature, I had my concerns.

Fortunally, the maple syrup harvest was in full effect. From the farm it was a short walk to the sugar shack. And I was wondering: why do they call this small hut sugar shack. However, it seems to be a common name for a place where the maple sap is boiled down to syrup. It has to boil hard, I can tell you. For around 12 hours. We got to the shack at 7 in the morning.

Wandering through the woods
Wandering through the woods and checking the maple sap buckets.
The sound of the dripping sap was mesmerizing.

Fishing the foam
The sap boiled in this huge tub. I am sifting the foam off the sap.
I had to do this every half hour or so. It was very exhausting but as everyone was in such good spirits, I kept going and going.

Heating the fire
Keeping the fire alive with Dave.

Tasting some sap. We drank it with coffee which was very delicious.
We boiled the liquid tree gold for another 5 hours.

With the sugar shack guys
Happy – after a full day of work with Denny and Dave.
Dave lives in a small cabin in the woods nearby. He invited me to his place.
Maybe I will stay with him the next time I’m up there.

I had such a wonderful time. Now I feel like a truly canadian girl.
The maple syrup I took home will keep my memories alive. And the juices flowing.

Big kisses to my friend Job who took the pictures.

produzentin private: emancipation

Break the.. break the.. break the chain!

As I am free from all contractual obligations (at least for a year) I can sing Emancipation with Prince. Feel free to join me. Next song on the list is Free. Again, by Prince.

I’ve been tryin’ 2 break the chain
Get my little ass out the game
I’d rather sing with a bit more harmony

Emancipation – break the chain, break the chain

produzentin privat: das arrival


Nach dem arrival in unserem süßen Gästezimmer konnte ich es kaum fassen, dass vor dem Fenster diese entzückenden rosa Vorhänge angebracht waren.

Am Morgen nach der ersten jet-lag Nacht schob ich die rosa Pracht beiseite und sah im gegenüberliegenden Park ein schneeweisses und kurz darauf ein schneeschwarzes squirrel. Gute Laune garantiert.
Happy New Year to all the people of the world!

ibook gold

prodi has a brand new toy! her ibook gold.

es hält mich die ganze nacht wach und ich produziere, schreibe, mixe und ab und an auch mal ein chat. alles sehr heiss. und ich kann mein kleines ibook überall mithin nehmen. mein alter imac fliegt jetzt gleich aus dem fenster.

ich kann mich nur nicht entscheiden, wie die festplatte in dem booki heissen soll. in meinem imac heissen sie glitter und pearls. mein ipod heisst zur zeit mimi, ehemals sammy jo und vorher luke (wegen luke fuller, nicht skywalker, danke).



Last Sunday I visited the Niebaum-Coppola winery in Napa Valley. The winery was bought by Francis Ford Coppola in 1995 and let me tell you, it is a gem! The atmosphere and interiors are very European and I felt at home immediately.

I spent a lot of time at the tasting rooms and the shop. Apart from wine, they sell such great items as Mama Coppola’s Pasta Book, Mammarella Pasta & Sauce (inspired by Francis’ childhood days), Neapolitan Dipping Oil (selected by FC) and my favorite jet set product SofiaMini, which I’m swallowing down my throat on the right. It tastes quite refreshing and even better than the poetical description on the SofiaMini website would make you believe.