How Do You Say, Fatigue?

It’s best to pronounce it like really gay. Fatty gay.
Can you use it in a sentence? “I’m so fatty gay.”

Cosima von Bonin has a big opening at Kunsthaus Bregenz on Saturday, July 17. I’m very honoured and excited to be part of the night. Right after the opening, there is a party on a boat, where Viola Klein and myself will be djing for all friends, party people and the sea urchins in Lake Constance. If you want to be local, just call it Bodensee. Basically, it’s like Lake Ontario but for Germany and Austria.

What is she going to wear to such an event, you might ask yourself?
Glad you asked. I’m going to wear a dress by Mary Messhausen (of course!), but from her Mary’o’nette collection. The dress features a digital silk print by the one and only Pandy Ramada. I’m so spoiled already. And this is not a hint.

Can’t wait for The Fatigue Empire.
Join in on an exciting night.

The Fatty Gay Empire

Saturday, July 17, 18 h
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Karl Tizian Platz
A-6900 Bregenz

The Cutest Manatee

Manatee: Want it

While I was on vacation in Florida I took a stop at Homosassa Springs, a wildlife park where you can observe manatees (some just call them sea cows). Sadly, this was before the digital camera age and the photos are now tucked away in a storage room in Germany. Anyway, I adore manatees. And these are just a couple of reasons why:

“Manatees are gentle and slow-moving. Most of their time is spent eating, resting, and in travel. They eat aquatic plants and can consume 10-15% of their body weight daily in vegetation.” (source)

Check the manatee cam

Just recently, I found out about the dwarf manatee, which was discovered in the Brazilian Amazonas in 2002 through a skull. 2 years later, the first living dwarf manatee could be photographed. With only 130 cm in length they are the smallest sirenas. The species was named Trichechus Bernardi after the late HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, founding father of the World Wide Fund.

Get your dwarf manatee fix over here.

Cutest manatee
by Marc Van Roosmalen