Huge Lips Skinny Hips

Mary sent me a note about the wonderful lipgloss Huge Lips Skinny Hips that has been cooked up by Purple Lab founder Karen Robinovitz.

The gloss helps to pump up your tires and makes you believe you just ate. Perfect. Vitamin B3 will plump your lips upstairs and some mysterious African plant extract will drop a few pounds downstairs (I’m going to drink it):

The product contains Hoodia Gordonii extract, which is derived from the plant found in South Africa and Namibia. The ingredient is claimed to be a natural appetite-suppressant, which is said to work by mimicking the effects of glucose on the brain, tricking it into thinking you’ve just eaten.

I'm going to drink it

HLSH is available in six sheer shades, with names including Kitty Poledancer & No Panty Lines.


I always thought ads should be as blunt as this. Straight to the point. I know you might say: We are already there. But I think: Not yet. The ads on tv are still not as good as the ad for Kissable, a lipstick in the movie Boomerang.
It has a lot of things I love: bananas, cherries, lipstick, icecream. It can be that simple! (thanks Toffi for the link)

Nelson introduces it with: “It is sexational.”

Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me once, kiss me twice
Oooh, oh la la, c’est si bon

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