Doc Nancy Will Help You

Finally, here is Doc Nancy from the Maths Ship. She’s got a new quiz and is glad to counsel you with your problems. Doc Nancy is in. More pictures after the jump.

Das Matheschiff

Nancy, teaching

Which one is the fastest ball?

As I am a spokeswoman of the Year of Mathematics I am very busy these days to bring the infinite joy of numbers and calculations to the people. The highlight of this noble duty was my visit to the Maths Ship. Going there just felt like finally coming home. The visitors where mesmerized by the exhibition of those wonderful mathematical phenomena depicted in beautiful colors and shapes. They appreciated my further explanations and the crazy patterns of the wallpapers worked great with my outfit.
This experience told me that I am ready for another mathematical life counseling session. As always you can leave any of your personal problems in the comments section. I will give you the answer to your question from the mathematical point of view. No matter if you have problems in your love life, with your styling or whatever: There is always a formula that can help!

The Questionnaire


One of my dearest readers told me that he urgently needs another mathematical challenge from me. Thus, in addition to the counseling session I’ll introduce to you a famous mathematical problem called The Costume Jewelry Problem:
Imagine you’re on a game show and you have to choose one out of three doors. You know that behind two doors is only costume jewelry and behind the third door is real jewelry plus everything else you ever dreamed of. But you (unlike the host) don’t know what is behind which door. After you made your choice the host opens another door with costume jewelry behind it. Then he offers you to take the other still closed door instead of your first choice.
Now the question is: Is it an advantage to swap your choice or to stay by your first choice in order to increase the chances to win everything you ever dreamed of? Or doesn’t it make any difference at all?
There is no prize to win as the solution might be quite easy to google. But those among you who loved the quizzes might have great fun with this problem and get some insight to the strange world of probability theory.

To sum this up, you can send me all your problems as this is a mathematical life counseling session or you can leave solutions for the Costume Jewelry Problem or any other comment you would like to make. I will gladly respond in any case.


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What up, Doc Nancy?

Doc Nancy on the phone for you

After I got my PhD I was ready to enjoy the experience of a daytime job. I felt my duty upon society and started working at a film production company. At the beginning it was all fun. It gave me the chance to wear all those lovely office outfits I always dreamed of, the internet connection worked great and I didn’t have to pay for my phone calls. But after a while I found out that they wanted me to do some serious work.

Don’t get me wrong, Doc Nancy is a hard working woman and knows how to deal with the struggles of life but this office hell was just too much. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Thus, I quit the job and live on unemployment benefit now. This is great because I have enough time again for another mathematical life counseling session.

Just let me know if you have any problems. No matter if they are work, family, love life or sexual issues. I can give you a mathematical answer for all of those. Just post your questions in the comments. No matter how deep your problems are, Doc Nancy can help.

Doc Nancy loves Pi