I’m hungry

Apparently this is a well know joke in Bavaria and maybe all over Germany. Maybe worldwide?

My friend Sabs made me listen to Wuthering Heights today and said listen closely, right after the chorus you can hear Kate sing in German:

“Ich steh’ im Cafe und hab’ Hunger”

I will never hear it differently. Too funny.
Are there any more secret German messages in English pop songs? I’m intrigued.

“Heathcliff, it’s me, Cathy, I’ve come home”

Deeper Understanding


This super cute picture of Kate Bush was uploaded on her facebook today. Of course today also saw the release of the re-recorded Deeper Understanding single, soon to appear on Kate’s new album of reworks, Director’s Cut. The song first appeared on 1993’s The Sensual World. Instead of the Trio Bulgarka singing the chorus, this time around, we can hear Kate’s son Albert impersonating the computer programme in schräge filter mode. Listen below.

Old Compass – New Kate

“there is a world
where witches rule the northern sky
where ice bears are the bravest of warriors
and where every human is joined with an animal spirit
who is as close to them as their own human heart
this world is dominated by the majesterium
which seeks to control all humanity
and whose greatest threat is a golden compass
and the one child destined to posses it”

Obviously, this is taken from the trailer to the movie The Golden Compass. I just watched 2 min of the Daemon featurette (youtube), focusing on the animal spirits that live with every person. Nicole Kidman has a golden monkey.
Now I want my dwarf manatee to float right beside me.

Anyway, Kate Bush has recorded a new song for the soundtrack of The Golden Compass, called Lyra, named after the child that wants to posses The Golden Compass. (source)

Issues: Soul Searching and Re-emerging

Lose Myself

Lauryn Hill has chosen the soundtrack to the animated movie about a penguin, Surf’s Up, to feature her first single in ages, Lose Myself.

The press release has more to say: “Apparently, she related to Big Z’s story – reaching the top, checking out for a while, doing some soul searching and re-emerging with joy – and wrote and recorded a real celebratory summer jam session for ‘Surf’s Up.'”
(via & listen)

Whatever. I’ve been listening to Lose Myself all weekend, I think it is brilliant. There have been rumors about Lauryn’s new album for a couple of years, with album titles like: Reconciliation, New Heavy, Call Me Ms. Hill or Khulami Phase. I’m sure she’ll come up with something new. The word on the street is that she would like to release the album next year, 10 years after The Miseducation.
That will almost push her into Kate Bush territory regarding the time taken between albums (if you don’t count Lauryn’s Unplugged set). Issues.

Lauryn as MM


I am a little bit addicted to youtube.com. The streaming videos made my Sunday.

Reno 911

Here are some clips of my favourite comedy TV series, Reno 911:
Jim Dangle buying new boots
Sky diver
Assistance call with a dog

Kate Bush

Rocket Man music video
This is one of my favourite Kate videos ever. Another evidence that a wind machine is always good.

Kate performing Kite and Wuthering Heights live at German TV show, Bio’s Bahnhof, February 1978
Love her dancing at the end of Kite. She wears the same dress at this rare “Red Dress Version” of the Wuthering Heights music video, filmed in the woods. Youtube has a lot of TV apperances by Kate, just do a search.

Pete Burns

Pete moves into the Celebrity Big Brother UK house. Auch etwas krass.
There are more BB clips of him. He is the best.

Mariah Carey

MTV Cribs – Part I, II and III
Her famous MTV cribs episode. Don’t miss her shoe room in part III.


Electric Intercourse
Live performance at First Avenue, Minneapolis on August 3rd 1983. Electric intercourse is a Purple Rain outtake and has never been released on any album. I love this song.

Vanity 6 – He’s So Dull
I’ve written about the video a few weeks ago.

MC Froggy – My Dumps

This is not on youtube.com but on Peaches MySpace profile. On Friday night, I’ve been to the last monthly Vazaleen party. We had a great night and the DJ played this super version of My Humps. Enjoy.

Double Pleasure

Kate Bush – Aerial

Das neue Kate Bush Doppelalbum Aerial wird am 07. November veröffentlicht. Die erste Single, King Of The Mountain, kommt am 24. Oktober. And I can’t wait. (via)

Kanye West – Late Registration

Ist bei mir natürlich auf heavy rotation, weil ich schon von seiner Stimme Verliebheitsgefühle bekomme. Mein Favoriten sind: Heard ‘Em Say, Touch The Sky, My Way Home, Crack Music, Roses, Addiction, Gone und auch Hey Mama.

Insgesamt noch poppiger als The College Dropout. Metacritic fasst die Reviews zusammen und das Album räumt ab.

Rolling Stone
The Guardian