Upcoming Music

Har Mar Superstar – The Handler – Mid September

He is da man and I’m waiting for him to cross over to Germany. Why doesn’t he get a tour organized in mainland Europe? The UK gets the treat all the time and during my stay in San Francisco he didn’t hit the town either.
Anyway, I’m in love with his first two albums and his videos. He has style, a fantastic voice and the perfect beats. Check out Power Lunch and my favorite non-album track Shopping Spree!
The Handler, featuring Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Michael Bland (former Prince drummer) among others, will probably get an early release on iTunes. The first single, about drug related telephone calls, DUI (Dialing Under the Influence), is scheduled for August 16th. The B-side is Sex-Tape. Listen

Le Tigre – This Island – October 19th

After a three year break they return with This Island. I’m really looking forward to this & their new videos. I especially liked their Well Well Well video, which will probably be included on one of the enhanced reissues of their older albums on August 24th.

Beck – As yet untitled – October

He is currently in the studio with the Dust Brothers, who produced the fabulous Odelay and Midnite Vultures with him. I’m so glad this is going to be an up tempo album and not a melancholy affair like the last one. One track is a collaboration with Jack White.

Mariah Carey – As yet untitled

You might have guessed it: This is the album I’m looking forward to most. There is no release date or title but her manager says that Mariah’s “new album is underway in New York. For the first time in years, she is not recording on the Isle of Capri.”. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad sign. I always wanted to go to Capri but now I don’t have a reason anymore.
Good news is, she will have Kanye West as a producer for one or more songs.

Kate Bush – As yet untitled

It’s been more than 11 years since her last album The Red Shoes and each year I get my hopes up. Supposedly, she is working on the new album in her home studio and a lot of musicians reported about the progress for years. I think, she is only doing her little fairy dance at the huge mansion. It would be a wonder if this album gets released in 2004.

Summer Workout

To accompany the healthy eating habits I’ve put together a short (iPod) play list for the workout at the gym or the beach or wherever!

LL Cool J – Going Back to Cali

It has perfect beat to start with and gets you going. Just think of LL’s muscles and his sexy lips and you’re all fired up!

Kanye West – The New Workout Plan

This is the center piece of the play list. Kanye is a cutie! Repeat the song as often as you like. The beat changes once or twice, so it’ll suit the tempo changes of your cross trainer or spinning session. The lyrics are hilarious, just a few excerpts:

So first of all we gon’ work on the stomach
Nobody wants a little tight ass!

All the mocha lattes you gotta do Pilates
You gotta pop this tape in before you start back dating

Half way through the song, a bunch of girls share their success stories, here’s the first one:

Hi may name is Jill, I just want to say thanks to Kanye’s workout plan.
I was able to pull a NBA player and like now I shop every day on Rodeo drive
I just want to say, thank you Kanye! woooo! woooo! woooo! woooo! woooo! woooo!

The final conclusion is:

That’s right put in work, move your ass, go bezerk
Eat your salad, no dessert
Get that man you deserve

Missy Elliott – Work It

Maybe this song is too obvious and worn out but I couldn’t resist the beat and lines like these:

See my ass and my lips don’tcha
Lost a few pounds in my waist for ya

Prince – The Marring Kind

Slowing the tempo and allowing for your heart rate to go down, here comes Prince and he gets back at Missy on this one:

I’m gonna put her on the same diet Missy went on
U know she eat 2 much