John Waters in Die Zeit

John Waters talks German with Die Zeit.

I really like his take on the word “Trash” and the definition of “good bad taste” and “bad bad taste”. Thanks h. aus f. for the link.

“Das Wort »Trash« mochte ich nie. Es klingt, als ob sich zwei alte Schwule in einem Antiquitätenladen über Rita Hayworth unterhalten.”

“Guter schlechter Geschmack blickt zu seinem Objekt auf und macht sich nicht darüber lustig. Er hängt nicht von Geld oder Bildung ab. Ein älteres Ehepaar, das vor seinem Wohnwagen sitzt und auf rosa Blechflamingos blickt, ist einfach schön. Das ist guter schlechter Geschmack. Der Yuppie, der diese Figuren in seinem Garten aufstellt, macht sich hingegen über die Menschen lustig, denen sie gefallen. Der beste schlechte Geschmack besteht darin, sich völlig ohne Ironie schlecht anzuziehen. Diese Leute wissen oft gar nicht, wie großartig sie aussehen. Und der schlechteste schlechte Geschmack besteht darin, sich verbissen für geschmackvoll zu halten. Schauen Sie sich Victoria Beckham an. Sie sieht immer aus, als hätte sie gerade etwas Schlechtes gerochen.”

Sylvester: Mighty Real

I have just written an article for Laser Magazine about the Cockettes, which I believe will be out in September. I’ll post that one later.

Sylvester, who was part of the drag troupe, is finally getting his own documentary. The 10 minute preview features interviews with Martha Wash (who started as a backup singer for him in the Two Tons o’ Fun), Patti Labelle and out-of-drag RuPaul. But a gay doc would not be complete without recollections by your favourite drag daddy, John Waters, right?

SYLVESTER: MIGHTY REAL from Tim Smyth on Vimeo.

On some websites, the 10 minute version is listed as a mini documentary in it own right. And this preview has been uploaded for a while, so let’s hope there is a feature length baby coming soon.

Dancin’ Wheels (Sylvester & Two Tons rollerskating)
Martha, I love you

Me Loves Bücherstapel

Where are the Creatures?

Above is a photo of a page from Place Space, the magazine featuring John Waters at home. So, of course, this is showing one of his many book piles.

And what can we see CLEARLY in the pile to the right? John Waters has a copy of Ausserirdische Zwitterwesen / Alien Hybrid Creatures, the book by die Professorin Michael Krebber.

Below is my personal re-visualisation of the book pile for your viewing pleasure.

Alien Hybrid Creatures are Everywhere

Well done.

At Home with John Waters


In the newest issue of Place Space, designer Todd Oldham fotographs John Waters at home. The book comes wrapped in a custom designed poster as well as tear out postcards featuring books from Water”™s shelves such as “œSex on Horseback” and “œGay John”. Also included are essays by Todd Oldham and Cindy Sherman.

More pictures & info at Ammo Books (via).

I just placed my order.


Fruitcake Casting

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Johnny Knoxville and Parker Posey are attached to star in John Waters’ Christmas film “Fruitcake.”

The plot is officially under wraps but is said to center on the title character, a boy named after his favorite dessert. He runs away from home during the holidays after he and his parents are caught shoplifting meat, then meets up with a runaway girl raised by two gay men and searching for her birth mother.

This Is That Prods. and Killer Films are producing “Fruitcake,” which once was set up at New Line. ThinkFilm is said to be in talks to come aboard.

Earlier: John Waters interview in NYM


John Waters by Nan Goldin
John Waters by Nan Goldin
From a New York feature & interview
(The letters are a gift from Paul Reubens aka Pee-wee Herman)

At present he is juggling work on an upcoming art show for his dealer, Marianne Boesky, with getting financing for Fruitcake and writing a book. “œIt”™s called Role Models, and it”™s a self-portrait where I write profiles of other people and how much I love them and how much they changed my life and influenced me””famous people, criminals, people you”™ve never heard of.”