Schöner Wohnen (Teil 2)

Schöner Wohnen im Nook

Just last week, we had our nook bed couch delivered from Northern Ontario. We were so amazed by what people can do up north. Actually, we had spoken to our friend Peg AssIs about the idea of this wonderful piece of furniture. She took a few pictures of the empty nook, click, click, click. She went away for a couple of weeks and when she finally returned to Toronto, she had this wonderful couch bed frame with her. It is a vinyl print on top of plywood. No screws or glue were used. And there is a secret door.

It is SO NICE.
Love it.

Details, Details

The Secret Door

Came With The Place

After we moved to our new place in December, it took us some time to get our shet together. Now, finally, the happy face is up on the wall. I wanted to share this cute set up with you. So, here are three of the wonderful things in our upstairs sugar shack:

This came with the place. So nice.

1) The Stone
I bought this really heavy styrofoam stone when the Toronto Opera had an archive sale. #sonice

2) The Wallfurniture
You better not call it wall paper! I recently got into trouble when the word slipped out of my mouth accidentally. It’s wallfurniture, get it?
Wallfurniture by Dorkenwald-Spitzer , get it from their online store

3) The Happy Face
It’s always good to have smiley face looking at you. In the morning, the afternoon, the evening. Keeps the spirits up. Love it. The happy face can also be seen in Mount Shasta, a film by Oliver Husain.

Most Curious Spill Over

Don't spill on the shoes

“London shoe designer Tracey Neuls and Danish artist Nina Saunders have collaborated to create an installation using fabrics by British textile brand Sanderson at Neuls”™ London shop. Called Most Curious, the installation features a sculpture by Saunders with upholstery bursting out of a chair frame and spilling onto the floor.”

Ok, totally love the spill over chair. And I say that as a total chair person. More on that later. Especially, the combination of the fabric & the spill work so well. I could spill a couple of Hendrick’s Gin & Tonics (aber gut abgespirtzt) on that one. SO NICE.

From Dezeen via Peg Assis Tweet


Dedicated to the Last Tsar


Here are some amazing pictures of the new palace of Russian gazillionaire businessman Sergey Vasileva. The palace is dedicated to last Tsar Nicholas II. Check out more pictures at Royal Russia News.

Every photo is another example of the wonderful “enough is never enough” baroque style. I imagine Siegfried & Roy and Michael Jackson as royal guests of the palace.

Let’s move to St. Petersburg. Via Mr Mickey





MMM does Carlu’s Apartment

OK, I want to hire the Maison Martin Margiela interior design team or move to Paris or paint everything white & use white covers and stuff, you get the picture. Und ich will auch nur noch schwarz-weiß trompe l’oeil ÜBERALL. I need a MMM intervention!!! Please read…

The Cite de l’architecture & du patrimoine (museum inside Palais de Chaillot) and the magazine Elle Décoration have asked Maison Martin Margiela to revive the former apartment of Jacques Carlu, the architect of the Palais de Chaillot in the 1930’s.

Check out Elle Décoration for two videos. (this is the one link in this post you need to click!) Make sure to watch the MMM tour guide video with no faces allowed.


“ELLE have given carte blanche to Maison Martin Margiela for the interior work on this exceptional 220qm apartment located opposite the Eiffel tower that overlooks all of Paris from its terrace.
The intervention of Maison Martin Margiela in the suite goes beyond simple decoration, it seeks to revive the place, in space and time. Time that stops after a party and leaves only disorder. (…)
Here the codes, themes and universe of the Maison mix (whites, silver, trompe l’oeil, cotton covers, the traces of time). Its values are also apparent (irony, shifted use, deconstruction), values which the Maison never ceases to interpret in its creative expression, through clothing or the universes it develops.” (source)

Or after?
Pictures by Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion

The ELLE Décoration Suite (don’t you love the name?) by Maison Martin Margiela is open to the public until October 1st, 2009. Visits on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 5pm.

And when you Torontonian’s thought “Carlu” sounds familiar, you’re right: Jacques Carlu is also the architect of a Toronto landmark, you guessed it, The Carlu, an Art Moderne masterpiece, as wiki says.

In other Margiela news, it seems that Kanye is totally addicted to MMM (welcome to the club). This week alone, he has blogged about MMM products 4 times: braclet, gay bags, shop in London & gay sneakers. Just wait for my favourite MMM summer products to pop up right HER.
Can’t wait to meet ‘Ye at a MMM store.