A Woman in Trouble

Inland Empire, the new movie by David Lynch has its theatrical premiere in New York and LA in the coming weeks. The 1 minute trailer to the entirely shot on digital video, 3 hour movie is finally online, though it does not work for me on the film’s official site. Try youtube.

According to Lynch, “it’s about a woman in trouble, and it’s a mystery, and that’s about all I want to say about it”. And that’s all I want to know about the film before I see it. I’m hoping for a total mind-bender.
Anyway, as the film is distributed by Lynch himself, I don’t know when the Toronto premiere will be. Hopefully soon.

via papermag:
“One of the first things he (Lynch) did to promote it was cause wild traffic on Sunset Boulevard by sitting out there with a real cow and a sign petitioning an Oscar Nomination for Laura Dern, who indeed gives the performance of her life. Another sign read: “˜WITHOUT CHEESE THERE WOULDN”™T BE AN INLAND EMPIRE.”™ When Variety Magazine asked him why, he replied: “œI ate a lot of cheese during the making of Inland Empire.”
(more pictures of Lynch and cow on Sunset Boulevard)

Thanks Domaine D’or.