HALLOQWEENs at the Royal Ontario Museum

Mary and proddy at the Royal Ontario Museum


Produzentin HALLOQWEEN



The ladies have been cunchin’ around all summer & so we decided to do HALLOQWEEN at The Beaver.
Next year, in 2014, we’ll be back with Hotnuts.

It’s Hallo! It’s Qween! It’s HALLOQWEEN.
So excited. SUCH FUN!

Performances by Mikiki and Fay Slift
Hosted by Mary Messhausen
Djs Colin Bergh and produzentin

Saturday, October 29, 10:30pm
The Beaver
1192 Qween St. W.

Door: El Bear Ho
$5 cover

Hallonuts Hotween

This is how Hotnuts should be every month. Almost everyone was dolled up and ready to party.

Thank you for making Halloween the most fun.

Mary Messhausen’s sister, Vic, dressed up as Mary Messhausen and introduced her granny sibling, Beulah. It was quiet a scandal at Hotnuts actually, because Vic used the word “blowjob” on stage. We were in shock. Then it was the debut performance of Beulah Messhausen. And who doesn’t want to see a hot, big granny strip?

Next up were Margot & Margot in a total twincest number that had all the right ingredients.

So many pictures after the jump, gazillions more on flickr.

Up next it’s blockbuster time: Jurassic Park 4 Hotnuts on November 27.

Proddy, Peg, Beuhlah



Buelah stripping

with the sexiest cat


sexy witch


Steph and Colin

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This is Halloween

It’s been three years since our last Hallonuts Hotween. More then enough time to bring back the scariest of all Hotnuts: We will ram the Beaver with baby pumpkins & toddler ghosts. Come early to avoid lineup!

Saturday, October 30, 10:30pm
Performance by MD – Margot & David at midnight
Hosted by Mary Messhausen
DJs Colin Bergh and produzentin

Door: El Bear Ho
$5 cover, free in drag

The Beaver
1192 Queen St. W.

Suckle that!

At Vazoween

Last night, Oliver, Anthony and I went to the Vazaleen Halloween party. I wanted to avoid trouble and opted to go as a cheap ass ghost. Look what happened.

My favourite picture is NSFW. Check it out after the jump.
Nude bears love ghosts.

Stick backwards
Me and Anthony as Backwards

Cat cop
Oliver and Kevin

Nature and Sponge
Mother Nature and Miss Loofa

Ghost massacre
I was just trying to be nice. They just wanted to hurt me.

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