Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Dear Readers.

As I was slipping into 2010, I thought it was time for a new product placement on produzentin.com. And why not kick start the decade with one of my favourite cookies on a stick: Oreo Sippers. Peoples south of the border call them Oreo Fun Stix.

Can I propose a new name & tagline:
Oreo Suckle Sipper Fun Stix. They make you feel like a little piglet.

Here we go. Open them Sippers.
Here we go. Open them Sippers.

Just a little suckle.
Just a little suckle.

I needed more. Of course.
I want more. Of course.

So thirsty. Mmmhhh. Milk.
So thirsty. Mmmhhh. Me like.

So refreshing!
So refreshing! Got milk?