Welcome to the Soo

As if the snow in Toronto wasn’t enough, I’m in Sault Ste. Marie until Friday. I’ve learned it’s somewhere in northern Ontario. I guess to make sure that everyone knows how to pronounce “Sault”, the city is also called Soo by them peoples.
I’ve put a couple of pictures on flickr.

On the way to the Soo

Come Away With Me

Around the time when Norah Jones’ hit Come Away With Me was all over the radio and basically everywhere, I was so annoyed I started singing it. I thought that maybe repeating the lyrics over and over would help getting it out of my head.

Recently, I found the final episode of season 6 of French & Saunders which aired in the UK in 2004. The ladies have to come up with a new concept for a comedy show and pitch it to the BBC heads. Of course, they have nothing to pitch:

“We’re doing a show. The show is like us. Sort of here, in this office, doing what we’re doing now, but you put two cameras on it.”

Watch the whole hilarious disaster unfold, including a bitchy cameo by Matt Lucas and David Walliams of Little Britain and Dawn’s thank you to Norah Jones.

Part I | Part II

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