I first heard about a Maision Martin Margiela perfume almost 2 years ago. Now, after such a long wait, the first Margiela smell is just around the corner; 20 years after the label launched and just after the founder has left the Maison.

Created in collaboration with perfumer Daniela Andrier, the unisex fragrance, called Untitled, will launch at Colette on January 25th and in March elsewhere.

The scent is described as “floral, woody, and very green” (including notes of fern) as well as “ambery and oriental.”

Of course, the bottle is dipped in white paint. Secretly, I was still hoping they would sell an empty bottle. Or a fluid without a scent (not to call it water). That would have been THE BEST.

p.s. perfumer Daniela Andrier is the nose behind YSL’s Rive Gauche, Gucci Rush for men, and several Prada fragrances.

Photo above by Susie Bubble, who also has a great post about the launch event.

Hot News From the Fragrance Department: Flame

It was mentioned on a late night talk show and I thought it was just the host’s invention. Then Mary sent me the link to Fire Meets Desire, which basically equals Flame, the fragrance by Burger King:

“The Whopper sandwich is America’s favourite Burger. Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

It is available onläne, some stores in NY but not at Burger King. I don’t get it. But I want to smell like grilled meat.


p.s. Aren’t all good things named Flame?

Meteorite vs. Violet

The milliner Stephen Jones has launched his first fragrance at Dover Street Market in London. The collaboration with Comme des Garcons will soon be available at CdG boutiques worldwide. The perfume is described as a “meteorite crashing into a violet” or “futuristic but rococo”. It includes notes of violet, violet leaf, ‘synthesized cyber aldehyde’, clove, carnation, rose, jasmine, heliotrope, gaiac wood, magma, black cumin, vetiver and amber.

Sounds like a perfect CdG fragrance to me. Of course, I want it. Thanks.
(Hail Mary!)

Meteorite vs Violet

Earlier: Stephen Jones ecstasy hat


The iPhone App store is selling about 20 Bible applications. Wanna get them all.

Roisin Murphy covered Slave to Love by Bryan Ferry for Gucci. Listen to the full song in the behind the scenes footage for the new Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme ad (via).

I’m back in Toronto after a long summer in sausageland. After I got here, I had such a sausage craving that I had to buy my favourite Bratwürstchen immediately. I can only recommend Johnsonville sausages. My personal favourites are Brats, Beer’n’Brats and for that extra special German-Canadian fusion taste sensation breakfast sausages with maple syrup.

I kind of want to visit Johnsonville, Wisconsin and do a tour of the sausage factory where I can stuff brats in all my orifices.

Brats mit mir.

M by Mariah

It’s not summer yet, but I’m sure fall is going to be great. You must have wondered, what is going on with Mariah? Well, she is just preparing for her triple threat later this year:

New album
New movie, Tennessee
Her first fragrance, M by Mariah Carey

M me. You smell so M. Cover me in M. Can’t wait till M hits the shops.

M is a floriental. It has top notes of marshmallow and sea breeze accord, a heart of Living Tahitian Tiare and gardenia and a drydown of sheer amber, patchouli and Moroccan incense.

Mariah created the fragrance with perfumer Carlos Benaim of International Flavors & Fragrances, whose previous work includes Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Call Me M

The bottle, created by Elisabeth Arden’s Jean Antretter, is a lavender glass orb with a subtle wave design and a silver rope-patterned neck. The cap is topped by Carey’s signature butterfly. The outer carton features fluttering butterflies, with a front panel that opens to reveal the fragrance.


Eigentlich wollte ich schon früher über Winterparfüme schreiben, jetzt also kurz vor Frühlingsanfang. Ich finde ein Winterparfüm um so besser, je mehr es nach Weihrauch duftet.

Comme des Garçons: Series 3 Incense: Avignon (2002)

Habe ich mir gar nicht gekauft und nur ausprobiert. Ist aber wirklich der beste Winterduft. Die Verkäuferin hat es mir empfohlen als ich CdG 2 Man probierte: “Nein, das duftet nach Sandelholz, Avignon ist Weihrauch.”

Comme des Garçons 2 Man (2004)

Da ich mich am Ende nicht an Avignon rangetraut habe, musste es Comme des Garçons 2 Man sein. Hauptsächlich eine Mischung aus Sandelholz und Weihrauch und vielem mehr. Herrlich!

Comme des Garçons 2 (1999)

Den Duft trage ich manchmal auch im Sommer, obwohl er etwas schwer wirken kann. Kaum Weihrauch, aber trotzdem super. Sehr warm. Ist von dem Parfümeur, der auch CdG 2 Man kreiert hat.

liegende flakons

H&M Domino Day

Dieser Freitag, der 12.11. ist gerettet:

Um 10 Uhr rate ich zur nächsten H&M Filiale zu sprinten und Artikel aus der Karl Lagerfeld Kollektion zu kaufen. Besonders interessant finde ich: das Parfüm Liquid Karl und Accessoires, wie Krawatten, Gürtel und Handschuhe.

Tagsüber kann man die neue Kleidung und den Duft gut eintragen und am Abend ein weiteres Highlight genießen. Um 20.15 Uhr startet bei RTL der Domino Day. Die umfallenden Steinchen wirken auf mich hypnotisierend! Jedes Jahr nur ein Domino Day ist nicht genug!