Part Two

My album 2010

Just a quick note on my favourite album of 2010: Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh).
Feels like I had it with me evreywhere: at the cottage, at home, on flights and the remix below in the early dj sets.
Read Rich’s review over at fourfour, I could not have said it better.
Erykah Badu – Window Seat (Dj Aakmael dubb) by Dj Aakmael (Unxpozd)


Erykah Badu is on every cover in her new video for the single Honey. She does her take on Nas, Grace Jones, Ohio Players, Diana Ross, Eric B. & Rakim, Minnie Riperton, the classic Yoko Ono and John Lennon Rolling Stone cover and many more. There is also an Andre 3000 Hey Ya interlude. Check it out. (updated)

Gimme some Honey

I’m feeling Erykah’s version of Head to The Sky by Earth, Wind & Fire

Harsh with Fruity Undertones

Went to a Karaoke bar on Saturday night with Margot, Kevin, Mary and Uwe. We rented a private room. The room had black light, wallpaper with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Mary and I did secret shots every time we got drinks for all. The bartender asked us if we wanted harsh or light shots. Mary said: “Harsh with fruity undertones”, on which he only rolled his eyes. We went with harsh.

At one point we all sang Bag Lady by Erykah Badu. So much fun.
Watched a lot of Erykah videos yesterday. Still, one of my favourites is Next Lifetime featuring Andre 3000, Pete Rock and Method Man.
Erykah’s 4th studio album, The Kabah, is scheduled for spring 2008.

Next Lifetime