Just Another Dream (Don’t Judge)

Someone tells me that Martin Margiela himself can be seen in the video to his spring/summer 2009 collection. I download the clip from some weird website.
In the show the models look like Margiela models but they all wear Bernhard Willhelm. At the end of the show one model walks into the woods carrying a huge blanket.
In the woods, the model unfolds and shakes the blanket when it suddenly becomes a boxing ring. All ropes are made out of compressed Bernhard garments, looking a bit like Weiche Zäune.
The mood in the woods changes to Lost. The background music suggest something mysterious or dangerous. Sudden light flashes. On a small path between the trees, every time the light flashes, I can see a person who looks like it may or may not be Martin Margiela.
I woke up.

Going Shopping

Mary and I are at a department store, just strolling around. Looking at a few tops I suddenly discover a Bernhard Willhelm label on one of the sweaters. Mary and I get super excited, why do they sell Bernhard here? The sweater is really beautiful, lots of patterns and nice colours. It looks like it would fit me. I discover the price tag on the lower back: $695. That seems to be OK.
Out of curiosity, I turn the sweater inside out. By doing so it becomes obvious that the sweater is made out of two towels, just sown together at the top and the sides. Some tailoring on the sides provides fitting. Mary and I are exited by the simplicity. I try to put the sweater on, but I can’t get in. It’s too small. Someone in the back of the store yells at us: “This sweater is overpriced and ugly”. (woke up)