Skinny Little Bitch

Skinny Little Bitch, the new single? by Hole, is available for free if you hand over your email at Hurry up, this is for today only.

Of course, I’m totally loving the aggro rock song. Hello, so into rock now. Really. Who can resist Courtney Love? Album is out April 26 / 27.

Skinny Little Bitch broke the heels

Hole – Love – Opposite

Two albums have just gotten a release date and I can’t wait to listen more rock and acoustic indie sounds? Seriously.

1) Hole – Nobody’s Daughter – April 17
Ok, this one had release dates before and in the meantime Courtney Love turned it into a Hole record. The album was produced by Linda Perry, Billy Corgan, and Michael Beinhorn, who helmed Hole’s previous album, 1998’s Celebrity Skin (source). Last week, Hole performed the new song Samantha on a late night UK TV show.

2) Tracey Thorn – Love and Its Opposite – May 18
Although produced by Ewan Pearson, judging from the album opener, this sounds more like an acoustic affair. You can download, Oh, the Divorces!, of the former Everything But The Girl leadsinger from pitchfork. I’m so into the album cover. And I know a few people who might get a tingeling sensation downstairs, when they hear, that Love And Its Opposite features a collaboration with Jens Lekman.

Love And Its Opposite

Never The Bride

I wanted to blog about Courtney Love’s Elle UK cover story earlier but somehow got sidetracked. Then, I thought let’s wait until January 1st and see if her new album gets released as promised by Courtney’s scribbles across the Elle pictures. But no, the album isn’t out yet. However, this weekend I got a copy of the magazine and read the brilliant interview. Below are excerpts.

Never The Bride
“Silk and crystal top by Givenchy
Sequined silk shorts and lace gloves, both by Chanel
Ribbon and crystal necklace by Lanvin
Tights, customized by Courtney, by Falke
Suede and patent-leather boots by Alexander McQueen
Writing by Courtney”

Are you happier now?
“I’m off antidepressants for the moment because my album producer wants me to feel the rage, wants me to be really angry, wants me to face the demons. And I am so f***ing angry! I’m getting back on them as soon as recording the album is finished. I’m not going to punch anybody, but I have to do two hours of exercise and chanting a day to feel good.”

At what point did you think you needed to change your body?
“Sweetheart, I was 192 pounds and doing Italian Vogue! The trouble is that I always think I look hot, no matter how heavy I am. But this was a punch in the face. They had an amazing Chanel couture dress and the only way it would work was for the stylist to cut out the entire back so it just covered the front of my thighs. That was it for me. The unretouched pictures from that shoot are still on my fridge.”

How did you get to that size?
“I got to that weight through macrobiotic food. Who knew you could get fat being healthy? It was yummy and I ate way too much. Trudie Styler and Sting eat that shit, but they work out for like three hours a day.”

Who are your favourite designers?
“Rick Owens, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Lanvin, Todd Lynn, Christopher Bailey for Burberry. I love Vivienne Westwood. She’s mad ““ but I’m madder. I was introduced to her at a V&A gala and said, “It’s such a pleasure to finally meet you.” She said, “What do you mean? We’ve had lunch! You talked at me for three hours!””

Full interview & songs from the new album at Courtney Love’s myspace

Elle UK January 2009
Pictures by Elle UK / Jan Welters

Courtney’s Diaries

I bought Dirty Blonde, The Diaries of Courtney Love, on Saturday. It seems like it got an early release in Canada, it is supposed to come out in the US on the 31st.

At first, I was a bit disappointed because it is not very kiss-and-tell but then Courtney’s story drew me in: angry, eager, tragic, sad and on the other hand, for short periods, very sparkling. Like an emotional roller coaster ride.

Anyway, here is one of my favourite parts, an e-mail exchange between Courtney and Lindsay Lohan. I think I could get celebrity email addicted.

Click to enlarge.

CL to LL - LL to CL

(VF = Vanity Fair. A 1992 article in Vanity Fair entitled “Strange Love”, in which it was alleged that Courtney had continued using heroin in the early stages of pregnancy. As a result, Child Welfare Services briefly investigated the Cobains’ fitness as parents, removing Frances Bean from their custody for a short period. Love claims to this day that she was misquoted, saying she had told author Lynn Hirschberg that she had stopped using it once she learned she was pregnant. (source))

At Home with Courtney Love

This is the best TV home story since Mariah’s MTV Cribs. The Return of Courtney Love aired on the UK channel More4. These are the first 5 minutes only, but it is soooo good. I love her. Can’t wait for the full show.

“I have tried it all. I have been a Christian, I have been a Catholic, I’ve been totally New Age, I’ve been Episcopelian, I’ve tried Scientology, you know (…) I find that Buddhism is the most amazing, transcendent path of enlightment for me. It absolutely works. (…) You sit at your altar and you chant. And the cool thing is: you chant for shit that you want – and you get it.
These are certain things that I chant for (reads from paper):
Perfect home
Perfact man
Stay sober
Help for certain friends … mmmh … in Hollywood
Movie by July 1st
Lindsay … Lohan and Kate Moss, I chant for them
Having a baby with the perfect man who treats me well
Horses, dogs, cats”

Courtney Chanting

Dirty Blonde

I can’t wait to get my hands on Courtney Love’s Diary. According to it is scheduled for October 31. This is going to be my new bedtime reading.

For all things Courtney, be sure to check They have news on her next album, which is produced by Linda Perry and should be out before the end of the year. First single is “Letter To God” with a video to be shot by Brett Ratner. Of course, we all know him for his work on the Mariah videos Heartbreaker, It’s Like That and We Belong Together (amongst others).

The Diaries of Dirty Blonde
More pictures of Dirty Blonde.(Thanks h.)

hot love dolphin

popular, hot and verkifftI’ve been to a Hot Chip concert on Wednesday, where I got this totally verkiffte button. It was super. They rocked the house and their live beats are phatt, eh fat. Check them out while they are on tour.

Courtney Love heads back into the studio and says: “A lot of times rockers are trying to be cool so much they forget that the fundamental job is to be as vulnerable as possible. Really good comedians are sometimes more rock ‘n’ roll than rock ‘n’ rollers.”

What I forgot to tell you about Cuba. I touched a dolphin and it reminded me of washing a very ripe and soft eggplant. The circumstances leading to the touchy touchy are a bit embarrasing, so I can’t reveal them. But it involed me, sitting on a catamaran with an open bar together with lots of people who stayed at a tourist resort hotel thing. The glamour of it all!