Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Dear Readers.

As I was slipping into 2010, I thought it was time for a new product placement on produzentin.com. And why not kick start the decade with one of my favourite cookies on a stick: Oreo Sippers. Peoples south of the border call them Oreo Fun Stix.

Can I propose a new name & tagline:
Oreo Suckle Sipper Fun Stix. They make you feel like a little piglet.

Here we go. Open them Sippers.
Here we go. Open them Sippers.

Just a little suckle.
Just a little suckle.

I needed more. Of course.
I want more. Of course.

So thirsty. Mmmhhh. Milk.
So thirsty. Mmmhhh. Me like.

So refreshing!
So refreshing! Got milk?

Mucho Nucho

Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon with my dear friend Margot. She just came back to Toronto from visiting her family in Nova Scotia. Margot had lots of amazing stories to tell and a delicious recipe to share. She knows I love all things east coast.

This cookie recipe is apparently a tradition of her family. They are called Mucho Nuchos. They don’t require baking and are a tasty treat.
So, if you want to surprise your guests, here is the run down:

3 bags of peanut butter chips
3 bags of chocolate chips
3 cups of peanuts (give or take)
1 bag of salted potato chips (Ruffles are suggested)

Pictures by Oliver

The secret ingredients
This is all you need

chips in first
Mix the chocolate and peanut butter chips in a big pot
Put them on medium heat

stir hard
Especially in the beginning, you have to stir hard

tasty already
We obviously couldn’t wait

Melted dreams

peanuts in
Margot adds the peanuts

potato chips, now
Potato chips, now!

stir harder
More hard stirring required

put them on a tray
Almost done: just put the cookies on a tray…

and in the freezer
…and into the freezer for a couple of minutes.
Freezers are the new ovens.


we have so deserved this
Mucho Nuchos: A heavenly feast.

get coke plus with it
Just a little suggestion: wash them down with some Diet Coke plus
(that’s Diet Coke with added vitamins and minerals)
Margot and I love to have a balanced diet.