Come Away With Me

Around the time when Norah Jones’ hit Come Away With Me was all over the radio and basically everywhere, I was so annoyed I started singing it. I thought that maybe repeating the lyrics over and over would help getting it out of my head.

Recently, I found the final episode of season 6 of French & Saunders which aired in the UK in 2004. The ladies have to come up with a new concept for a comedy show and pitch it to the BBC heads. Of course, they have nothing to pitch:

“We’re doing a show. The show is like us. Sort of here, in this office, doing what we’re doing now, but you put two cameras on it.”

Watch the whole hilarious disaster unfold, including a bitchy cameo by Matt Lucas and David Walliams of Little Britain and Dawn’s thank you to Norah Jones.

Part I | Part II

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