With The Hennies

On Saturday, El Bear Ho, Mary Messhausen and myself took part in a photo shoot for Canadian Vogue. We had our first splash at 4pm, to get in the mood for all the flashes. It was so much fun! We fell in love with the photographer Miguel and especially the very cute assistant, Housten (not sure if he told us his real name, though).

Anyways, after the shoot, we were in such a good mood that we headed to one of our favourite bars, The Henhouse. We arrived there at 8pm, the first patrons of the night. Getting the party started so early made us scream “Last Call” ever half an hour.

There are tons of pictures from the debaucherous night on facebook (not sure if you will be able to see them all). Here are just a few. I’m still hungover.

El Bear Ho, produzentin, Mary Messhausen

Mary Messhausen

with with La Tour Eiffel (thank you Sabs) and the Bailey's chipmunk

Attaching the youngest hen, AJ<


The last movie I saw in 2007 was Juno.
The comedy about a teenage pregnancy was written by an ex-stripper and features very witty dialogs. There is a lot of Canadian involvement: the director, the lead roles and the film is shot in and around Vancouver. One of my favourite scenes is when Juno MacGuff’s step mom tells off the ultrasound technician for her snarky remarks.
Basically, the movie made me feel like I wanted to be a 16 year old preggo girl.

Watch the trailer
Interview with Ellen Paige (Juno MacGuff) at rottentomatoes.com

Juno and her best friend