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If you have been using the contact page to send me an email, try again.
It should work now.

I feel so awful, because I think it hasn’t been working for months. I just found out this morning. And I was wondering why I don’t get any mail. Think again, doll face.

Please forgive me if I haven’t answered your mail and spam me, now!

Summer Slump

Sommerloch, that’s it.

To cool me down my bf bought me an iced cappucino. As I came home quite late last night, he put the crushed iced coffee in the freezer.
This morning I needed the chillatte so badly, the heatwave had struck me tired. So I get the coffee out of the freezer and it is just too cold, freezing cold. Ice. It froze to ice. I couldn’t suck it with a straw. It was stuck in the cup. Such a big mess. Ein Riesenschlamassel.
I wanted to go back to bed and sleep the whole day. My iced latte was ice. I couldn’t drink it. Hell had frozen over.

Toffi came to help me. He stabbed the coffee ice with the straw. Slowly but surely, the ice turned into puree again. Just how it’s supposed to be. Ready to be slurped. And that’s what I did. Slurped it all up.

I’m a whole new person now.

slurp me.

The Votes Are In

“What produzentin eats” won the poll for the next theme week at Buddenbrooks are just a short step behind, so there will be some Buddenbrooks here and there. Egolf just wants to know.

I will start the food week either tomorrow or FridayMonday, depending on how my cooking and grocery shopping adventures go. I will provide the recipes of some of the delicious meals, just to make sure you don’t need naked Jamie Oliver anymore.

And please don’t make me do the next step after food week: What goes down in produzentin’s bathroom (you don’t want to know about her dumps).

I’m glad that I’m not the only one left with love for Mariah and Kanye. At least they got a few votes. Poor things.

food wins

New Math Quiz

Nancy has a new math quiz ready for you. It will be online on Monday, 9:00 h in the morning Toronto time, which is 3 in the afternoon in Germany. You can riddle in German and in English, it’s massive.
And she has some HOT pictures…

Also, be sure to vote for the next theme week at on the sidebar.
What produzentin eats is currently #1.

Poll Alert

On days like this I don’t know if it is better to give or to receive. Receive? Give? Receive? Give?

Whatever, I have added the first ever produzentin poll to the sidebar on the left. You can vote once a day and please do so. Or try to vote even more often. I’ll keep the poll open for a week or so.

Vote every day!
Let the cheating begin!

What should the next theme week at produzentin be about?

  • Mariah, again (we love her so much)
  • Kanye (we love him so much)
  • What produzentin eats (we just want to know)
  • Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann week at (we love the book)
  • Power failure at (rescue me)
  • produzentin covers Prince songs (we love her voice)

at long last

I have uploaded a few pictures to flickr.

1You can see me totally knocked out at gay pride Frankfurt in 2002 (I think someone poured something in my drinks) and at my summer party 2003.

PICT0018I had Rinderzunge at Xmas 2003: it was delicious. To be honest, I have had ox tongue many times, but only when Jesus is born.

PICT0302Some recent pictures were taken in Toronto. In case you wondered: What is produzentin doing all day long? Well, she took pictures of magnolia trees.

PICT0253Anyway, have a look at all the sets.
Oh, before I forget, there is a picture of a sea cucumber taking a shit.