Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, dear readers.

I would like to share a quote from Myra Breckinridge by Gore Vidal, which I am currently reading. It uses one of my favourite holiday related words, which I had never heard before this December (thanks to El Bear Ho): Bauble.

“I preferred to be Greer Garson, a gracious lady whose compassionate breasts were more suited to be last pillow for a dying youth than the baubles for the coarse hands of some horny boy.”

A Pink Bauble

Floam It

This is the best christmas present I got this season. Pink Floam. I got hooked on Floam when I saw the Floam commercial. Make sure to watch it on the Floam homepage. Floam. Floam. Floam. Floam. Floam. Floam. Floam. I wanted this Floam so badly.

Laying my hands on the Pink Floam for the first time was like drinking a glass of sparkling pink champagne. Excitement bubbles rushed through my veins. Uuuuuh. Floam.

Here a couple of things I build out of my Pink Floam.
I could go on for hours playing with FLOAM. It’s fun you can feel!

Mash It… Mold It… Mix It… Smoosh It… Bounce It… Eat It… Lick It… Kiss It… FLOAM It…

This Is It. Pink Floam.
The Pink Floam Package

Open Sesame.
Getting the Pink Floam out of the box

Feel It For The Very First Time.
Indulging in Pink Floam

A Ball.

Twist It
Making of the Magic Stick.

Here We Go
The Magic Stick.

Mold It
How to make a record.

Pink Vinyl
The Pink Floam 7 inch record.

My One Wish For Christmas

Christmas Evil.
The greatest Christmas movie ever made.
(John Waters, who provides an audio commentary on the DVD)

I want to watch this movie on Christmas Eve.
Who is going to order it for me and make me the Xmas present of the year?
I’ll write a review. I pomise. Pomise. Pomise.

Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it. Want it.
Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it. Need it.

I hope it is not the biggest slasher, though this might not be possible. I had enough blood this year, when a friend invited me to see Apocalypto last week. But I enjoyed watching it in Yukatek Maya.

Xmas Evil

Xmas at my house

Xmas at my houseVor ein paar Tagen habe ich dieses wundervolle Hexenhäuschen zusammengezimmert. Dabei habe ich mich mit lieblicher Weihnachtsmusik so richtig in Stimmung gebracht. Meine Favoriten…

Lady Raptastic – I’m F***ing Santa

Der Song hat ein Michael Jackson mäßiges Intro, mehrere Stimmen in Layern: It’s Lady Raptastic. Lady Raptastic is here!
Dann legt die Lady los, mit einem “People of the earth” Schrei. Das ist ja wohl der beste Anfang überhaupt.

Come up in my room so big in bold
Told me what to do like he was the boss
I do what I was told, It was Santa Claus

My Claus, my Claus, my Claus, my Claus,
My dirty Santa Claus!

Und überhaupt geht es richtig ab mit dem Santa und dem Rentier.
Bei Lady Raptastic als download.

Fancy – Snowwhite Tigers

Jetzt etwas süsslicher. Von Toffi empfohlen. Von der sagenhaften Fancy Weihnachts-CD, Christmas in Vegas. Auf dem Cover rauscht er mit einem Schlitten übers Mirage.

Snowwhite tigers
Dance around the christmas tree
Shiny glitter flashing through the night

Happyness is here to stay for awhile

Bei der Vorstellung wird mir ganz warm.

Schnappi – Jing! Jingeling! Der Weihnachtsschnappi!

Ich wünsche mir sehr, dass die kleine Schnappi endlich unter ihrem Namen Joy Gruttmann veröffentlicht. Dann geht’s bestimmt wieder an die Spitze der Charts. Heimlich bin ich schon länger Fan von der kleinen Joy. Vor allem ihren Interviews.
Bei dem Lied kommt leichter Grusel auf, in einer John Waters Art. Falls John in ein paar Jahren eine zweite Weihnachts-CD rausbringt, ist dieser Song bestimmt drauf.

Photoblogging fun

daily dose of imagery ist mein momentanes Lieblingsphotoblog. Kürzlich entdeckt, gibt es täglich ein neues Photo aus Toronto und Umgebung. Einige meiner Favoriten sind:

ontario badlands
ciara live
paperbag head
lakeshore blvd – the path
partly frozen lake ontario
niagara falls at night
bce christmas lights
moon at the beach