Being A Muse According to Gossip Girl

Serena: He asked me to pose for him, in his studio. To be his muse.

Blair: And you said yes?

Serena: Why not? It is romantic.

Blair: No, it’s a death trap. Being a muse never works out.

Serena: Plenty of women have been both lover and muse to famous artists. Like Picasso.

Blair: Serena, a guy starts out in his blue period and everything’s great. But it’s only a matter of time until he’s all into cubism and it’s some other girl’s eye coming out of her forehead.

Fangs Are The (New?) Fags

The Haters (You Know Who)

True Blood details the co-existence of vampires and humans in a small town in Lousiana. The HBO series centers on Sookie Stackhouse (played by Canadian content Anna Paquin, who won an Oscar for her supporting role in The Piano about 30 years ago), a telepathic waitress at a diner, who falls in love with the much older, but still young & pale looking vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). The show is written by Alan Ball, who also did Six Feet Under. Gay.

It is very easy to see the vampires (who are referred to as fangs) as a metaphor for the fags (who are also referred to as gays).

I think I have a ‘like / hate’ relationship with the show, tipping over to ‘like’ with the most recent episodes:
– There is tons of fang banging
– There is the gay character of Lafayette, a cook, drug dealer, Internet porn wannabe
– There is vampire blood dealing, cause ‘v’ (as it is also called) is like a drug, enhancing the nine human senses

Now, finally, I’m coming to the point of the whole post. On Sunday, I heard about the second season of True Blood. We had brunch with Canadian-cutie Jeremy Podeswa, who told us that he is going to direct a couple of episodes for the next round of fang fun. I can’t reveal more, he made me sign a non-disclosure fagreement. My teeth are already growing with fangcitement.

More: Interview with Alan Ball

Fangtasia: Vampire Hot Spot

The Philes are Everywhere

Forever 29

I’m a bit behind on 30 Rock, catching up on season one. When Mariah said that she loves the comedy TV show, I should have watched all episodes right away.

30 Rock deals with the behind the camera action of the fictional live sketch comedy series, The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan.

Here is a short clip about the age of Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski). It starts of with Jenna being cross examined by network executive Jack Donaghy (Alex Baldwin).
Two perfect minutes. Enjoy.

All About My Brother

From the latest Gossip Girl episode, All About My Brother.
I almost couldn’t stop taking screen caps and typing dialogue. OOC.

S and B
S: You don’t even like Asher.
B: I didn’t like last seasons Louis Vuitton patchwork bag either but that doesn’t mean I wanna see it all over town on Jenny Humphry’s arm.

L and R
R: I know Serena went through a similar phase.
L: If Serena’s indiscretions were as PG as Jenny’s I wouldn’t needed the botox.

checking gossip girl
GG: This just in. Asher Hornsby spotted locking lips before class but not with his girlfriend.

G: Eric’s found himself a new boyfriend.
E: Excuse me.

L: This doesn’t make any sense, because that would mean that Eric is… And he’s not… He’s just not… Are you? Oh God…
S: Eric?

E and S
E: When I was at Ostroff, I met this guy and we were going through a lot of the same stuff. And now, that guy, he is dating Jenny.
S: Wait, you are the mystery guy that Asher was spotted kissing?

BG1: Oh my god, Blair crashed Jenny’s party.
BG2: Jenny’s gonna freak.
B: Wait and learn, ladies. The most important parties to attend are the ones you are not invited to.

E: Gossip Girl was right, Asher was kissing someone this morning. Me.

E: I’m gay and so are you.
A: Get this faggot out of here.

gossip girl
E to B: Go ahead and do it.
A: What did you just do?
B: You’ll see.

Omar’s Little Secret

I’m a bit behind with The Wire, having just watched season 2. Anyhow, I discovered Omar’s little secret: He was in a Madonna music video, you guessed it: Secret.

More interesting than homo Omar is his cute bf, Dante. I would rob drugs for him, too.
More pictures of the faggy-butchy-thug Wire couple after the jump. In total gaction.
Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay Gayness.

Omar in Secret
Omar Little in Madonna’s Secret
Don’t ask me about the Nelly boy behind him, haven’t figured him out. Yet.

Dante and Omar
Dante and Omar in The Wire

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OMG, His Butt: Romany Malco

Congratulations to Frank and for winning the gaybloggies.
As promised, here is my version of the OMG nudity post.

You might have seen Conrad on before

Romany Malco plays Conrad Shepard in the tv series Weeds. I recently watched seasons 2 & 3 and have the highlight below.

NSFW stills after the jump.

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