Caught Up With The Seasons


I mean, I watched the season finales of Extant and Top Of The Lake (I know – I’m late).
Halle Berry’s sci-fi pixie haircut in a slim can makes me want one too so badly.


And then there is Holly Hunter as a spiritual leader in Jane Campion’s crime drama miniseries. Her last monologue in the finale provides some comic relief:

“All you hear are your own crazy thoughts like a river of shit, on and on. See your thoughts for what they are. Stop your helping. Stop your planning. Give up! There’s no way out. Not for others, not for you. We are living out here at the end of the road, the end of the earth in a place called Paradise How is it going? Perfect? No. You are madder than ever.

You are tired? So lie down right here. Be like a cat. Heal yourself. There is no match for the tremendous intelligence of the body. Rest.

When is the next flight to Reykjavik? (Any route preference?) No, just get me away from these crazy bitches.”

Millie is The Best

Just watched the documentary Unsung about soul-singer Millie Jackson this morning. She is such a funny lady and I love her. It’s great to see how much Millie was and is in control of her life. One of my favourite quotes from the documentary is a piece of advice Millie gave Roxanne Shanté: “You’ll be known and you’ll be successful a lot longer for the nasty things that come out of your mouth than the nasty things you put in it.”

If you have only have 3 minutes, watch the best of Unsung below.

(via fourfour)

She’s So HD She’s Hitler Didi

Yes, we screamed at the TV in disbelieve when we saw Hitler Didi show up on the screen while we were in India. In direct translation, the daily soap would be called Sister Hitler.

I wish it was available in English but we had to make do with the Hindi version and lots of silent looks that the actors shared with each other. And there’s children screaming “Hitler Didi” at the opening of the series. Listen & Watch.

Explain the back story, Hitler Siri:

Weighed down considerably by the enormous responsibility of single-handedly providing for her large family, young Indira Sharma (played by Rati Pandey) throws herself into the daunting task. The well-being of her family becomes her sole agenda in life. In facing the daily challenges thrown her way on both the home and work front, she loses her sense of humour and her ability to feel finer emotions. She becomes a regimental disciplinarian, a workaholic and a perfectionist who is almost always on the verge of losing her cool.

Hitler Didi Family

Hitler Didi out of drag
Hitler Didi out of drag


We watched the premiere of Dollhouse, the new TV series by Joss Whedon, he who created Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

The show centres around dolls or actives, who get their mind erased and a new personality imprinted before a new assignment. Echo, the main doll, develops a self-awareness in her wiped state. Might that get her in trouble?

The actives live in a hidden facility called the Dollhouse.

I really hope the Dollhouse turns into Lollhouse soon, a lesbian Dollhouse. There were glimpses of it in the first episode: Echo got a little close to her doctor. And at the end, she is rescued by an extra tough dyke colleague. Welcome to the Lollhouse!

Echo gets wiped
Echo gets wiped

Getting cheeky with the doc
Echo gets cheeky with the doc

Enter the butch dyke
Another doll, lets call her butch dyke, comes to Echo’s rescue