Wallfurniture: I love it!My Toronto friends over at Dorkenwald-Spitzer design great wallfurniture. Take it with you everywhere you go. And don’t worry about excess luggage. When you arrive at your new place, just unpack and decorate your walls. Done. You are at home.

So, we’re thinking about getting the wallfurniture to the left. That way, we would even have a little kitty cat at our apartment. Lovely.

In more Dorkenwald-Spitzer news, their ‘The Tallest Man’ t-shirt recently won the droog competition.
I am so looking forward to wrap myself in 2.72 meters of fun! You can find a picture of the t at their homepage.

Go to their store and get some wallfurniture.

produzentin private: Queen West

Queensproduzentin just moved to the popular Queen West neighborhood in Toronto, named after its main strip, Queen Street West. It’s a little bit like Berlin Mitte 1995. Galleries and cafes are just around the corner.

And so is the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health. Because of its house number, people would say, take me to 999. So the number was changed to 1001, to give it a more optimistic vibe.

What I love about Toronto is all things related to the Queen. It started with the ride from the airport to downtown. I adored the little crowns on the highway signs.

All hail the Queen!

My favorite cafe so far is Clafouti. Very french. Love the name. French pudding. Mmmh.

produzentin privat: Koffer packen

Geparden und Patchwork: PackenWenn man sich für längere Zeit im Ausland aufhält ist es sehr wichtig, dass man wundervolle Decken und Vorleger einpackt.

Im Gepäck sind also dieser wunderbare Badvorleger von Hermes und die beste & schönste Patchworkdecke von Steffi.

Mein nächster Eintrag kommt aus Toronto. Zusammen mit meinem bf bin ich für ein Jahr in Kanada.

Photoblogging fun

daily dose of imagery ist mein momentanes Lieblingsphotoblog. Kürzlich entdeckt, gibt es täglich ein neues Photo aus Toronto und Umgebung. Einige meiner Favoriten sind:

ontario badlands
ciara live
paperbag head
lakeshore blvd – the path
partly frozen lake ontario
niagara falls at night
bce christmas lights
moon at the beach