Next on the Collab List: Missoni X Target

Missoni Malle

Just came back to Frankfurt from a little trip to Mallorca where I scored Missoni towels and a small zig zag cushion. Last night, I stumbled upon the first pictures of the Missoni for Target collection that is going to be in stores in the US on September 13. A couple of pictures of the cutest homeware items below. I really need to get the blanket. doesn’t ship to Canada, so I think a shopping spree to Buffalo is in the cards once I’m back in Toronto.

If a Missoni bike and cushions are not for you there’s also tons of Italian patterned clothing.





Where Michael Shops

You know, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Michael Jackson and shopping recently. So, when Toffi and I hit Las Vegas last week, one of the first things we did was visiting stores that Michael Jackson has shopped at.

Three of the stores are pictured below. They can be found in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, where the sky is always light blue with little fluffy clouds. It doesn’t get any better for a shopping destination.

Shop No1: Galleria di Sorrento
Great art including bronze statues as seen in the MJ auction catalogue

Shop No2: Antiquities
Music and film memorabilia at it’s best

Shop No3: West of Santa Fe
Dream catchers and adorable nicknacks

So Not Happening: MJ Auction

I’m a little bit sad about it, ahhhh, I guess this is what Michael Jackson wanted: Not to auction off the Neverland estate. But I so wanted the Pinocchio statuette.

CNN reports the highlights:

  • Singer had filed suit last month to halt sale of items from Neverland ranch
  • Auctioneer: Items, including jeweled glove, will be returned to Jackson
  • “We came to a resolution that both sides are very happy with,” organizer says
  • Jackson sold ranch last year, claims he didn’t authorize sale of items

All the items are still on display in L.A. until April 25.
And I have just received the auction catalogue last week. Such a bummer. Below are a couple of pictures from the five catalogue box set. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Literally, you can pick any page from the books and you want to buy it. It is insane!

This painting is called “Study for Field of Dreams”.
The painter, David Nordahl, is obviously a genius.
There are a couple of his paintings in the catalogue.

MJ jewelery: So would have worn it all the time

There is a whole chapter of gloves. These are the basic ones.

Maybe this doll was the inspiration for Little Susie?

Poke me with your super long nose
To the left, the Pinocchio Statuette I really wanted

Life size masks that were used in the 1997 short film Ghosts.
Is this scuuuuury?

Who wouldn’t want to have a Neverland trash can?

Hopefully soon in a museum near me.

Earlier: MJ Neverland Sale

Pinocchio Statuette

“Pinocchio Statuette
Color resin statuette of Pinocchio talking to Jiminy Cricket perched on his shoe.
16 by 10 by 9.5 inches”

Today, I spent most of my time browsing through the online auction catalogue of the Michael Jackson Neverland sale. One item that tickled my fancy was the Pinocchio Statuette above. I fell in love with it. In a nasty Paul McCarthy kind of way.

For further research, I watched the Living with Michael Jackson documentary from a few years back by that (awful) “journalist”. And what can I see, sitting on one of the tables: Pinocchio!

Here he is: Pinocchio!

Got to have him!

But what I really was looking for was the moment when Michael Jackson goes shopping in Las Vegas. One of the best moments ever captured by TV cameras, minus the stupid “journalist” commentary, who is only asking about the prices. Boring!
Anyway, here it is. Jump to 4:00 minutes, where the fun begins.

“Journalist”: Do you think it is a bit tacky?
Michael Jackson: Tacky, are you silly?

Michael Jackson + Shopping = Magic

MJ Neverland Sale

I felt very tempted to put all pictures from the online auction catalog of the Michael Jackson Neverland auction in this post. There are so many great items to be had, for instance “an electric cart featuring an image of Jackson as Peter Pan on the bonnet and Peter Pan cushions.” I’d love to drive around with that all day.

Every piece is a winner. The descriptions read like poetry: “A display of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in a setting created by the Walt Disney display team. A plaque reads: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Presented to Michael Jackson from the Cast of Walt Disney World”

What to buy first?

Update: Flip through the full catalogue


“A robotic Michael Jackson head featured at the climax of his 1988 film Moonwalker, when he transforms into a robot and defeats Joe Pesci’s evil character, Mr Big.” And it still animates!

Honestly, I love every item. Want it. Need it.

Love this portrait of the King of Pop:

The King of Pop

“A portrait of Michael Jackson dressed as a king, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1995 and housed in an elaborate gold frame.”

Guardian: “It’s the sale of the century

via ultrasparky



Yesterday, Mary and me went to Miss C’s Closet, a new drag store in an back alley near Yonge and Wellesley. Not only looked the store great from the outside, we just had a very pleaseuarble shopping experience. Highly recommended.

With our bags stuffed, we hailed and cab and drove to the Powerplant to see a performance by Ei Arakawa. He used Scott Lyall’s exhibition as his set, two pictures below.

Perfect Saturday.

Showgirls (fall down the stairs scene) projection

Ei sawing

(no title)

So, I went to the openings of Lucie Stahl (thank you & I owe you) at Dependance in Brussels on Thursday and Herr Krebber at Kunstverein Cologne on Friday.

Thursday and Friday, we went to the fish booth. It felt like I had never eaten fresher fish before. “The sale starts July 1st”, said the Margiela shop woman with the (bad) Amy make-up. Sabs and I had an orange juice across the street from the white building. As I’m on sale diet I didn’t buy anything in Brussels, except for a present.

Friday night, Michaela, Viola and I, disguised as Hase und Igel, went to the second bar first. We quickly ordered Schnitzel. There is nothing better than a Schnitzel at 4am. Michaela (bff) said I should take everything else and not just the Merlin wig. I only wanted long hair. “Aber sie hat doch so gern lange Haare.”

Saturday, got some V&R from Heimat (underground).