The produzentin website turns 3 today.
It seems like it has been going on much longer. What did I do before its launch? Well, this may be the story of my prequel blog coming to the interweb in the very distant future.

Anyway, I thought that my Diet Pepsi Jazz Jingle didn’t get enough attention. I guess only Pandy listenend to it. So without further ado, here it is again. And this time, do a remix or even better, leave a comment because produzentin depends on comments like Mariah on Butterflies.

I am so the spokeswoman for Jazz

All That Jazz

All That Jazz: Strawberry and Cream

You know I’m a sucker for new soft drinks. So I was extremely excited when I heard about Diet Pepsi Jazz or is it Jazz Pepsi Diet or Jazz by Pepsi Diet. I am especially feeling the Strawberry and Cream flavour. Very yummy. My taste buds are blooming.

Now, I decided to become the spokeswoman for Jazz.
My first statement shall be my Jazz Jingle.
Download. Listen. Jazz it up. Remix.

Yes, you can do your own remix of my Jazz Jingle.
Add some sax or horn. Jazz it up, feel the flavour.


Mixing Pepsi Edge and Coca Cola C2

Pepsi Blue

produzentin cuisine: Rappers and Poppers

Fill Me Up!

I am so happy that food week has won the poll, because I love my little treats. For that very special occasion, I got this juicy produzentin logo. Get ready for the sausage fest.

All you haters step back: produzentin eats Rappers and Poppers for breakfast. They taste so good. Hot jalapenos and melted cheese in a ball or stick… What more can you ask for early in the morning?

Produzentin watches Pink by CW

Oh no, oh no, what happens?

I don’t want to blog about Pink, the movie by Charlie White. Because it is an ad for a sneaker company and THEY want me to do just that. So I don’t. But I’m a fanin of Charlie White ever since I saw his pictures of Joshua eons ago. Google the Pink video yourself.
I was just out of bed, wearing my cheap ass christmas pyjama, when I sucked in the short film.


produzentin private: emancipation

Break the.. break the.. break the chain!

As I am free from all contractual obligations (at least for a year) I can sing Emancipation with Prince. Feel free to join me. Next song on the list is Free. Again, by Prince.

I’ve been tryin’ 2 break the chain
Get my little ass out the game
I’d rather sing with a bit more harmony

Emancipation – break the chain, break the chain

produzentin privat: das arrival


Nach dem arrival in unserem süßen Gästezimmer konnte ich es kaum fassen, dass vor dem Fenster diese entzückenden rosa Vorhänge angebracht waren.

Am Morgen nach der ersten jet-lag Nacht schob ich die rosa Pracht beiseite und sah im gegenüberliegenden Park ein schneeweisses und kurz darauf ein schneeschwarzes squirrel. Gute Laune garantiert.
Happy New Year to all the people of the world!