Last Night

Did you just get here? No, I was here earlier for the circle jerk # I want to have ninner (night dinner). But you can only have that when you had drunch and dunch before. # New dance: rusty machinery getting oiled for the first time in 4 months # New drag name, not sure if it has found a person yet: Pearly Nipple, sister of Misty Discharge # German word that needs to find its way into English: Beipackzettel

When we finally arrive at the Henhouse, our new favourite lezzie neighborhood bar, I discover that the one Mariah CD is missing from their jukebox. The bartender is wearing a Bob Dylan T-shirt (Doh). So I ask Ms Tambourine Man why she took Mimi away. She says something bla bla bla. I tell her: Nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down.

On the way home, asking the guy in the corner store if we could watch 10,000 BC on his monitors. He says: No.

Harsh with Fruity Undertones

Went to a Karaoke bar on Saturday night with Margot, Kevin, Mary and Uwe. We rented a private room. The room had black light, wallpaper with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Mary and I did secret shots every time we got drinks for all. The bartender asked us if we wanted harsh or light shots. Mary said: “Harsh with fruity undertones”, on which he only rolled his eyes. We went with harsh.

At one point we all sang Bag Lady by Erykah Badu. So much fun.
Watched a lot of Erykah videos yesterday. Still, one of my favourites is Next Lifetime featuring Andre 3000, Pete Rock and Method Man.
Erykah’s 4th studio album, The Kabah, is scheduled for spring 2008.

Next Lifetime

Da’ Change

I did it. I’m off the Frankfurt bill-payer chain. My one year holiday is coming to an end. Bummer, I know. Suddenly, I felt like an unemployed drag queen who is going to live off of welfare soon. Do they have food stamps in this country? (In Germany, I would have applied for Hartz20 immediately. Hartz4 wouldn’t be enough, I need lots of money, maybe even Hartz30).
It could be a new beginning or the end.

The other day, I found a vintage Romanthony record called Da’ Change.
He sings: Love is Power. Love is Change. Make a Change in Your Life.
I bet you think that song is about me.

The song was released on his own label, Black Male Records. Da’ Change hasn’t appeared on his albums or re-issues. The flip side has Hold On, which was re-released on Roulé in 1999. Roulé was the label of Thomas Bangalter, one half of Daft Punk. Two years later, Romanthony sang lead vocals on their international club hit, One More Time.

I have been a Romanthony fan since the early 90ties. I think it all started when I ordered Roman’s records via phone from a record store in Hamburg. It was so cute, they played the tracks over the phone and I was jumping for joy on the other end. I was instantly blown away. His sound had a nastyness that made me happy. And weird noises and samples, spoken parts. Of course the Prince influence was a big plus, too.

The first records I got were Testify #1 and Make This Love Right / Now You Want Me. I still treasure both of them. I couldn’t get enough of Romanthony. One of the records on Black Male had his phone number on the label. One day, I gave it a try and called him. This must have been around ’94 or ’95. Left a message on his machine and never thought I would hear from him.
Then, just a couple of days later, he left a message on mine. I was super nervous and called him right back. He was very friendly and I ordered a bunch of records. The guys from the record store in Hamburg had told me that Romanthony samples U96, a trashy german techno project. I asked him about it and his simple NO gave me relief. Although, it would have been funny.
When the records arrived, they came with a cute hand written note by Romanthony and I was in heaven.

Da' Change

If you need a change now, watch a stripper perform at the last Moustache party ever.
The strip is so fashionable. You know who it is.
I can’t believe it, some ignorant hoes were booing him.

Parlez-vous japonais?

Lake Kawaguchi north of Mount FujiWhat have I gotten myself into?

Ever since I visited Japan a few years ago, I wanted to learn the language. On Tuesday I had my first Japanese course. The classes are in Japanese only, no English, German, whatsoever. I should have learned all the hiragana symbols before class but found that too boring. I thought: They will not use all the symbols in the first lesson, lets focus on the first 25. Bad idea!

After 30 min. we started to use ra and ro symbols which of yourse I didn’t know. Let alone how to write them. I was lost but cheated my way through the rest of the lesson.

The next class is tomorrow and to be prepared I’m hammering the hiragana symbols into my head. For them to stay forever. Period.

For your enjoyment: below are the numbers from 1 to 10 in romanji (spelling in brackets if different) and in hiragana. I’m not sure why 4, 7 and 9 need two different Japanese types. I know nothing. Now, please écoutez et répétez.

Sausage Fest1 – iti (ichi) – いち
2 – ni – に
3 – san – さん
4 – si / yon – し / よん
5 – go – ご
6 – roku – ろく
7 – siti (sichi) / nana – しち / なな
8 – hati (hachi) – はち
9 – ku / kyuu – く / きゅう
10 – zyuu – じゅう

My Brokeback Moment

Went for breakfast. I didn’t feel especially hungry but ordered the huge “Cowboy Breakfast” from the menu. It had everything: 3 eggs, sausages, pancake & maple syrup, home made fries, baked beans and whatnot. I was scared.

Then, after I ate almost everything (except parts of the pancake), the waitress collected my plate and said:

Well, congratulations, a lot of people don’t make it through the cowboy.


Finally, the dot com bubble burst above produzentin.
Welcome to!

Firp created the wonderful maple leafs for the Canadian version of the produzentin logo. Desktop versions will be available soon.

At the same time, I have upgraded to WordPress2.0.
Please send me an email, if you get any errors.

And if you really want to know what I’ve been listening to lately, check my page. If you sign up with them you can stream lots of the songs and listen to produzentin radio. Guess who’s number one on my list.

produzentin private: Queen West

Queensproduzentin just moved to the popular Queen West neighborhood in Toronto, named after its main strip, Queen Street West. It’s a little bit like Berlin Mitte 1995. Galleries and cafes are just around the corner.

And so is the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health. Because of its house number, people would say, take me to 999. So the number was changed to 1001, to give it a more optimistic vibe.

What I love about Toronto is all things related to the Queen. It started with the ride from the airport to downtown. I adored the little crowns on the highway signs.

All hail the Queen!

My favorite cafe so far is Clafouti. Very french. Love the name. French pudding. Mmmh.