Fancy Lezzies

Wendy & Lisa gave a candid interview to They’re talking about their relationship, recording with Grace Jones, their time with Prince in The Revolution and recording an album with Trevor Horn in the 90ties which did not get released, partly because of his homophobic remarks.
I love how they describe Prince as a “fancy lesbian” and getting more upset phone calls from him everytime they share some purple memories.

The ladies new album White Flags of Winter Chimneys is available from Wendy & Lisa”™s web site.

Did you first think Prince was gay?
Lisa: He was little and kinda prissy and everything. But he”™s so not gay.
Wendy: He”™s a girl, for sure, but he”™s not gay. He looked at me like a gay woman would look at another woman.
Lisa: Totally. He”™s like a fancy lesbian.
Wendy: I remember being at that “œSexuality” video shoot and him on stage with that little black jacket and that tie thing around his neck and his black pants with white buttons on the side. And we looked at each other for the first time and I thought, “œOh, I could so fall in love with that girl easy.” It doesn”™t matter what sexuality, gender you are. You”™re in the room with him and he gives you that look and you”™re like, “œOkay, I”™m done. It”™s over.” He”™s Casanova. He”™s Valentino.

Wendy: We had an amazing month with [Jones] in our home writing “œWilliams”™ Blood,” becoming friends, and being bizarre divas. We had to pick her up when she woke up in the morning, and the morning to her was like 6 PM.
Lisa: She gets in the back seat of the car and of course we have to stop to buy bottles of champagne. She wanted to play the bass. She kind of couldn”™t, but she could groove like nobody”™s business on one note. She started to sing and I wish I could”™ve seen my own face. I was like —
Wendy and Lisa in near unison: Oh my God, it”™s Nightclubbing! [Jones”™s classic 1981 disco-punk album with the hit “œPull Up to the Bumper”]

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New Interview with Helmut Berger

There is a new interview with Helmut Berger at Below is just the beginning of the very entertaining conversation. After the first two or three questions, the Visconti actor asks the journalist if he knows dingleberries, using the Austrian slang wintercherries. And it just gets better from there.

Mr. Berger acts in a soon to be released low budget film, Blutsfreundschaft.

Sie haben ein aufregendes Leben hinter sich . . .
HB: Jetzt beginnt die Gehirnoperation.

Ruhm, Rausch, Ekstase . . .
HB: Ecstasy.

Über Ihren Drogenkonsum haben Sie in Ihrer Autobiographie ausführlich berichtet.
HB: Jetzt fang mal an!

Der Ruhm ist verblasst, dem Rausch folgte Ernüchterung. Worüber können Sie sich heute noch freuen?
HB: Ich finde, dass jeder Tag eine Freude bringen kann. Man weiß es nicht vorher. Wenn ich jetzt sage, ich freue mich auf Kirschen, kann es sein, dass ich morgen, wenn ich Kirschen sehe, lieber Pfirsiche mag.
Kennen Sie Winterkirschen?


HB: Die kann man nicht essen. Man kann auch kein Kompott daraus machen. (“Winterkirschen” laut Österreichischem Wörterbuch: “Kotstücke an den Arschhaaren”) Aber darüber wollen wir nicht reden. Mach weiter!

(Thanks Gregor)

Chit Chat with J

My favourite Canadian designer & friend Jeremy Laing is showing his new Autumn 2009 collection at New York Fashion week, February 15. Head over to for a quick chit chat with J.
It will surely be a stunning runway, as another favourite, the dance-disco-house band New Feelings will be playing for the show.

JL Summer 2009
Jeremy Laing Summer 2009

London Interviews

# Interview recorded with Viktor & Rolf during the final week of their exhibition at London’s Barbican Gallery: Inside the House of Viktor & Rolf

# Interviews with Head of Press and In-house Architect of Maison Martin Margiela at the opening of the new London boutique. There was a strict “no face photography” policy at the event.


John Waters by Nan Goldin
John Waters by Nan Goldin
From a New York feature & interview
(The letters are a gift from Paul Reubens aka Pee-wee Herman)

At present he is juggling work on an upcoming art show for his dealer, Marianne Boesky, with getting financing for Fruitcake and writing a book. “œIt”™s called Role Models, and it”™s a self-portrait where I write profiles of other people and how much I love them and how much they changed my life and influenced me””famous people, criminals, people you”™ve never heard of.”