Loves: More Vases

MEMPHIS was a Milan-based collective of young furniture and product designers led by the veteran Ettore Sottsass. After its 1981 debut, Memphis dominated the early 1980s design scene with its post-modernist style. (via designmuseum)

I can’t hold back on my designer vase fetish, so here we go: ‘Euphrates’ and ‘Nilo’ vases by Ettore Sottsass in 1983. They are part of the three ‘rivers’ vases designed for Memphis (‘Tigris’ is the third, but I really only need these two.)

‘Euphrates’ looks a bit like stacked dishes and ‘Nilo’, well, the pink ball in the middle did me in. Such good objets. All things considered, I need some Memphis Milano at my place, I wouldn’t limit myself to porcelain. I know, I know, you got to be careful with the 80ties look, but if you sprinkle one or two pieces around your apartment or house it’s a stone winner (as Mariah would say).

For a Memphis/Milano overkill, have a look at this flickr stream. Stunning.
And here is a shopping link to lots of MM items still in production.

This might really be my TOP favourite

Or the TOP favourite is this one, I can't decide

The next one is the carrot vase designed by Nathalie du Pasquier for Memphis Milano in 1984. Just want to put some carrots in thurr.

also super HOT

Loves: Dutch Vases

I’m becoming such a domestic queen. For days now I have done research on vases. Once I start, I can’t stop. I seem to find more and more beautiful vases. And more and more, they are becoming objets (pronounced super French & gay) to me.

Caution: I rarely get a sticker shock but please look closely before you send me one of those vases as a prezzie. Don’t say I haven’t warned you.

All three vases below are designed by Marcel Wanders for Moooi. He’s also art director and co-founder of the company. Mr. Wanders was one of the first designers for droog.

Egg Vases: Ordered.

Ok, this one is a no brainer. Bunched up eggs as a vase. So good. Apparently, the design process involved stuffing latex rubber condoms with hard-boiled eggs to come up with the shapes. A little nasty stuffing always sounds good to me.

There are 3 sizes available, small, medium, large. I like the medium best, it’s the one where the eggs reach up to the top. I have already ordered mine. Seriously.

The egg vases also come in limited editions in chrome or gold. However, I love the white ones.

Golden Eggs: Still on the want list

Blue blobs: Is it really a vase?

The two vases above are from the Marcel Wanders Delft Blue collection. These two objets are my favourites, but you can surprise me with any MW Delft Blue item. Here, the golden eggs are wonderful. And the blue blobs on the last vase? Stunning. Who needs to put flowers in the vase anyways?

The two vases are produced and decorated at Royal Delft, a Dutch company dating back to 1653 and the original producers of the exquisite Delft Blue ceramics. The vases are reinterpreting and revitalizing Delft Blue and the old Dutch craft using new ideas for shapes and decoration.

Schöner Wohnen (Teil 2)

Schöner Wohnen im Nook

Just last week, we had our nook bed couch delivered from Northern Ontario. We were so amazed by what people can do up north. Actually, we had spoken to our friend Peg AssIs about the idea of this wonderful piece of furniture. She took a few pictures of the empty nook, click, click, click. She went away for a couple of weeks and when she finally returned to Toronto, she had this wonderful couch bed frame with her. It is a vinyl print on top of plywood. No screws or glue were used. And there is a secret door.

It is SO NICE.
Love it.

Details, Details

The Secret Door

Came With The Place

After we moved to our new place in December, it took us some time to get our shet together. Now, finally, the happy face is up on the wall. I wanted to share this cute set up with you. So, here are three of the wonderful things in our upstairs sugar shack:

This came with the place. So nice.

1) The Stone
I bought this really heavy styrofoam stone when the Toronto Opera had an archive sale. #sonice

2) The Wallfurniture
You better not call it wall paper! I recently got into trouble when the word slipped out of my mouth accidentally. It’s wallfurniture, get it?
Wallfurniture by Dorkenwald-Spitzer , get it from their online store

3) The Happy Face
It’s always good to have smiley face looking at you. In the morning, the afternoon, the evening. Keeps the spirits up. Love it. The happy face can also be seen in Mount Shasta, a film by Oliver Husain.

Most Curious Spill Over

Don't spill on the shoes

“London shoe designer Tracey Neuls and Danish artist Nina Saunders have collaborated to create an installation using fabrics by British textile brand Sanderson at Neuls”™ London shop. Called Most Curious, the installation features a sculpture by Saunders with upholstery bursting out of a chair frame and spilling onto the floor.”

Ok, totally love the spill over chair. And I say that as a total chair person. More on that later. Especially, the combination of the fabric & the spill work so well. I could spill a couple of Hendrick’s Gin & Tonics (aber gut abgespirtzt) on that one. SO NICE.

From Dezeen via Peg Assis Tweet



Cesta in Broken Embraces

In this still from the trailer of Broken Embraces, the latest Almodovar movie, we can not see Penelope Cruz. We can not see Lluís Homar. They are humping underneath the sheets. But in the blurry background, we can see one of my favourite table lamps.

The lamp is called Cesta and was designed in 1964 by Miguel Milá.
The lantern style lamp consists of a cherry wood structure and an opal ball diffuser. I guess it can help to transform any modern space into a Japanese palace of the Edo period. Or a set from an Almodovar movie.

Kategorie: Ich will. Me want.

Cesta Lamps. WANT ONE. OR TWO.

Multiply My Air

The bladeless fan by Dyson is very popular with hands. They like to hover around the fan and sometimes poke the BIG hole. But no touchy, touchy. Just check the video below.

It’s called the Air Multiplier. Why didn’t I get one for Christmas? With multiplying my wonderful fresh air, I guess I could help saving the climate. Really, I would keep it running all day.

Dedicated to the Last Tsar


Here are some amazing pictures of the new palace of Russian gazillionaire businessman Sergey Vasileva. The palace is dedicated to last Tsar Nicholas II. Check out more pictures at Royal Russia News.

Every photo is another example of the wonderful “enough is never enough” baroque style. I imagine Siegfried & Roy and Michael Jackson as royal guests of the palace.

Let’s move to St. Petersburg. Via Mr Mickey





Das ist Bauhaus

“Das ist Bauhaus.” said the lady when I put the vase in front of her at the cash register of the KPM store. I have had an eye or two on this piece of porcelain for ages.

The Vase Halle was designed in 1931 by Marguerite Friedlaender. Ms Friedlaender had gotten her Bauhaus Master Potter designation in 1926, when left the school, and moved to, you guessed it, Halle.

I recommend to put another favourite product of mine on the vase: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Lip Tar. Looks extra good in hot pink (they call it anime). You do not only want to drink out of the vase – you want to lick it all day.

Das is Bauhaus.