One day in Dildo

Hitchhiking to Dildo

Our tour of Newfoundland continued with a visit of the lovely town Dildo. This is a beautiful little community on Trinity Bay, right at the Atlantic.

When we drove into Dildo I hoped for crazy Dildo merchandise and all. Soon we got the feeling, that the Dildonians want to downplay the name of their town. I still don’t now why, I think they should totally work it: Dildo cutlery, Dildo cocktails, Dildo shoes, Dildo hats. So many possibilties!

However, here is the Dildonian explanation of how Dildo got its name:

“D’Isle Duo” can be translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French, all roughly meaning ‘two islands’. With respect to our community, we believe these two islands to be Spread Eagle and Dildo Island, both visible from our community. Over time, with the dialects of the settlers, the flow has been lost and it evolved into Dildo.

Me loves them islands names, bys.

Up next: My visit to the Dildo Interpretation Centre.

Dildo here we go
Captain Dildo blew my dress

Up close with Captain Dildo
Up close and personal with Captain Dildo

With them local Dildonian girls

down by the harbour
Just chillin’ down by the water

Dildo: rescue me
A Dildo can save your life

I need a refill
All the girls to the harbour, the big truck is in town

he was the cutest
This cutie wanted to take me on a ride in his truck

On The Discovery Trail

I’m still in Newfoundland, getting the tour did by me Newfi friend Anthony (I’m trying to gets me Newfi accent on, bys).

We just had the most wonderful day. Driving around Trinity Bay made my heart jump for joy. And kept our imagination going. The road to Heart’s Desire leads through Heart’s Delight and most importantly, the town named Dildo.

I will tell you more about the trip and Dildo in the next couple of days, once I’m back in Toronto.

Bring me to Dildo, please
Dildo gets me going

Now, take me to Heart's Delight
Let me be your Heart’s Delight

My Heart's Desire
My eyes glittered with desire. This is where I want to be.

Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part III

Annie Taylor became the first person to survive a trip down Niagara Falls in a barrel. Almost 105 years later, Nancy and I wanted to be like her. So we got our asses into a barrel and took a deep breath. We got a Polaroid taken, dried our clothes after the successful plunge and went back to Toronto.

There was nothing left to do after all the excitement.
Complete satisfaction.

Going down the falls. Looking increasingly like The Muppets.

Lovely flowers.

Now, back to the car, hurry.

Back in the car
Totally working my Kirstie Alley as Fat Actress look.

Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part II
Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part I

Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part II

Here are a few pictures of Nancy and me with tourists. These were the most adorable people we met. We love all people. Even the haters.

All photos by Gates of Schimbulak.

Tomorrow, part III: The experience.

Nancy, I don't see them
The haters gave us a dirty look.

We met these girls at Dairy Queen. They were fabulous. Lots of fun.

She was the best
We felt like meeting our long lost sister.

We adored the baby
Cutie pie.

His heart pounded like crazy
More cuteness. We love all cuties. Even underage.

Road Trip: Niagara Falls, Part I

After our short stop at Tim Hortons, Nancy and me arrived at the Niagara Falls. This is the first part of our day trip to the honeymoon capital of the world. Although I had seen the falls before I was as taken away by their beauty as Nancy.

All photos by Gates of Schimbulak.

Tomorrow, part II: Nancy, me and the tourists

We were stunned

We took a quick rest to talk about the breathtaking falls

Blown away by the falls

Just posing

Oh yes, we love them falls
You won’t believe how beautiful the falls are

More pictures after the jump.

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Road Trip: Tim Hortons

Nancy is in Toronto visiting. Yesterday, we did a wonderful road trip. This is a mini extreme theme week: Nancy and Produzentin: The Road Trip.

Anyway, we had our first stop at a Tim Hortons near the highway (I mean, where else?). We love Tim Hortons and they loved us.

More on our road trip in the next couple of days.
Maybe we will hit your neighborhood soon.
Get ready.

All photos by Gates of Schimbulak.

Where are Nancy and produzentin?
Look-out for Nancy and produzentin

Are they having coffee?
Hello, we’re over here. Sipping coffee and iced cappuccino: delicious!

It's Tim Hortons!
Two coffee, please!

The guys at TH loved us
The lovely lady didn’t want to let us go

Now hiring
Nancy, thinking about the job offer (but only for a sec)

At Moraine Lake

produzentin is on holidays in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.

Yesterday, Superschum, H. and I took a canoe trip on the deep-teal colored, glacier-fed waters of Moraine Lake. When we rented the boat, the lady said, that I didn’t need a life vest, my cushions were big enough! I love her.

Moraine Lake is set in the Valley of Ten Peaks and for me, it is the jewel of the Rockies. I even sipped the ice cold water, it felt like drinking from a fountain of youth.

produzentin loves nature
I love Moraine Lake

hey ya
Superschum and me, working the lake

Mesmerized by the sunshine

produzentin private: At the Sugar Shack

This weekend I traveled with friends to a farm 4 hours north of Toronto. My cell phone did not work, no internet. It was so much nature, I had my concerns.

Fortunally, the maple syrup harvest was in full effect. From the farm it was a short walk to the sugar shack. And I was wondering: why do they call this small hut sugar shack. However, it seems to be a common name for a place where the maple sap is boiled down to syrup. It has to boil hard, I can tell you. For around 12 hours. We got to the shack at 7 in the morning.

Wandering through the woods
Wandering through the woods and checking the maple sap buckets.
The sound of the dripping sap was mesmerizing.

Fishing the foam
The sap boiled in this huge tub. I am sifting the foam off the sap.
I had to do this every half hour or so. It was very exhausting but as everyone was in such good spirits, I kept going and going.

Heating the fire
Keeping the fire alive with Dave.

Tasting some sap. We drank it with coffee which was very delicious.
We boiled the liquid tree gold for another 5 hours.

With the sugar shack guys
Happy – after a full day of work with Denny and Dave.
Dave lives in a small cabin in the woods nearby. He invited me to his place.
Maybe I will stay with him the next time I’m up there.

I had such a wonderful time. Now I feel like a truly canadian girl.
The maple syrup I took home will keep my memories alive. And the juices flowing.

Big kisses to my friend Job who took the pictures.