Broken Embraces

Pedro Almodóvar is blogging about his new movie Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) which is partly shot in Lanzarote and staring Penelope Cruz. His posts are available in Spanish, French and English. For instance, there are notes on a couple of screen tests (first picture below).
The film is going to be released in spring 2009.

Here is an excerpt about his photophobia:

If you ever find a photo where yours truly appears, in an interior, hidden behind dark glasses and a hat, don”™t think that I”™ve turned into a jerk in search of glamour, I”™m just a director who suffers from photophobia, scorched by hundreds of kilowatts of light.
But, in the cinema, the light is what matters. Without the light with which Von Sternberg lit Marlene”™s face, Marlene would never have been Dietrich, she would have just been a sarcastic girl who was verging on chubby. The magic is in the light, so I won”™t complain.
Bye for now.

“European porn-start beginning her career in L.A. This is no use either.”
© Pedro Almodóvar

in Chanel
“Lluis Homar (in vintage) fixing Penélope”™s Chanel (also vintage) while she”™s daydreaming.”
© Pedro Almodóvar

Almodovar & friends
“I apologized to my companions in the photo for my conventional outfit (an always attractive Armani tuxedo). To my relief Alaska supported my choice. After fifty, she told me, you become either a gentleman or Sigfried and Roy.”
© Pedro Almodóvar

(…) I intend to say as little as possible about the story and the characters, I”™ll wander around on the fringes, in purely tangential elements. You”™ll think I”™ve got a real cheek, and I”™m sure you”™re right. (Anything to celebrate the lack of intermediaries). I”™ve been nurturing a dream for some time. I”™d like that at least once spectators would go to see one of my films without knowing what it”™s about.
I know that it”™s an almost impossible dream, but I”™m going to try to get as near to it as possible. Still, I am going to show lots of images of the different processes, images that will be transferred directly from my camera to this page. (source)

OMG, It’s The Angel Of The Morning

OMG, it’s the gay bloggies and my friend Frank of is in the final three. This seems to be the last round of voting, so please give Frank the thumps up.

And kick the others to the curb:
Thumps down right her
One more thump down right her

p.s. If you are wondering what Frank looks like and you are disappointed that he was a no show in his karaoke version of the Angel of the Morning, don’t have a sad face any longer, there’s one picture of him on where he is wearing a cute & slutty Canada shirt.
p.p.s. Now, I can finally come forward with my omgblog obsession. If Frank comes in second or first, I’ll celebrate with him by doing at least one “OMG, he’s naked: (insert celebrity name her)” post. Vote for Frank, vote for nudity!

Very Mitte

I enjoy reading Vaginal Creme Davis blog, including her spiced up Berlin stories. However, information about Miss Davis’ upcoming project can be found in an email she wrote to Ann Magnuson:

“In the summer we start work on a performance adaptation of the seminal Rainer Werner Fassbinder film Whitey, which Canadian auteur Bruce La Bruce will direct and will feature costumes by couture designer Rick Owens…”

Hotnuts Nov 2006

produzentin is Plugged In (aber sowas von)

Today is a good a day in more ways than one.
Here is one reason: produzentin can put one more article in her press clippings folder. I think I might need a PR assistant that lends me a hand with these meticulous tasks soon, like any minute now.

produzentin is featured in an article about bloggers in the current issue of the Canadian bi-weekly magazine xtra. Click on the image to enlarge:

So Plugged In

There IS justice in this world: My picture is bigger than bravehound’s.
The picture of Nancy and me at Niagara is also featured on xtra’s main page.
Full article also available online.
All hail to Kevin. Thanks so much.

Nkot blogroll

Over the last weeks a have added a few websites to my blogroll. I like three of them very much. They all have a wonderful writing style. Check them out.

Disco Delivery

Tommy from Calgary, Alberta writes amazing articles about disco and dance music. He has the gossip behind the recordings, too. Go there now and enjoy downloading the audio files.


One of my very good friends from Frankfurt has finally started his own blog. I think he had his first ever blog post on my website back in March 2005, when he wrote about a Mariah TV interview. And by looking at his flickr page, I found out, that he sometimes wears a wife beater. That scared me, but maybe it was just a holiday mood.

I met Superschum for the first time at a gay happening in Mainz, going by the iconic name “Sommerschwüle”, many many years ago. We were young, gay and the dark of the night made us happy.

Last September, we took a trip to the Cote d’Azur. I’m not sure if it was romantic.


I’m still wondering why her website is called uhutrust. Where does the name come from? She comments on as “Michi”.
That girl crazy.

Peter Pan

Toffi und die prodi zerfließen vor Freude.

Gestern abend telefonierte ich mit Toffi. Wir redeten über sein Karnevalskostüm. Toffi machte einige Vorschläge und wollte meine Meinung testen, ich fand sie leider zu traurig. Ich hatte mir etwas frisches, fröhliches, junges und ein klein wenig auf der tuntigen Seite vorgestellt.

Plötzlich kam mir Peter Pan in den Sinn. Toffi war sofort Feuer und Flamme, da er in der Grundschule einen Tanz zu dem Peter Pan Lied von Paola im passenden Kostüm vorgeführt hat. Memories und Emotions eben.

Um das Kostüm detailgenau zu scheidern, startete Toffi heute mittag seine Internetrecherche. Manchmal ist es ganz einfach. Google: Peter Pan. Erster Eintrag. Auf gut Glück. I’m feeling lucky.

Soviel Freude beim Anschauen von Bildern hatten wir schon lange nicht. Ich habe vor Freude geweint. Wirklich.

Ein paar Highlights:
Sehr süß am Schreibtisch (ganz unten und die anderen davor auch)
The blue dancer
Purple pixie (Ganz großartig, die Schwebepose und die Sternenstrumpfhose)
Happy Easter

Update: Und weil das so gut ist, habe ich mich mit Claus abgesprochen. Seine Cosplay Recherchen sind spitze und eine Freude! Natürlich kannte er Peter Pan. Wir haben gestern abend eine entzückende Unterhaltung geführt. Bei gibt es also mehr zu Cosplay und dem wunderbaren Tron Guy.