Hotnuts BooT Dance in Austin


We’re very excited to bring our moist Hotnuts from TorontHO down south for the Queerbomb weekend. Come and ravish our Austin virginity!

Get soaked in the early Sunday evening BooT Dance vibes.
How hawt is your hangover? How deep is your love? How big is your BooT?

Mary, proddy and CHRISTEENE present: Hotnuts BooT Dance

Sunday, June 2nd – 7pm to 11pm
Cheer Up Charlie’s
1104 E 6 St., Austin, TX

Hosted by
*** Mary Messhausen and CHRISTEENE

Performances by
*** Mary Messhausen
& more added soon

*** proddy
*** das hussy
*** and the very special JJ Booya

Watch your wallets
*** Mary’s daughter Peg Zilla is so broke(n) she’ll steal your e-dentity.