My Current Playlist

or simply: my favourite Jessie Ware remixes.
The mix of Running by Disclosure is definitely the best house remix of the year.

This video of Jessie Ware’s labelmate Javeon MacCarthy could also be the intro.
I may or may not be a little bit in love. #seaspunk


Yes, I dressed up as Cloud Atlas for Halloqween. I had been intrigued by the trailer when I decided on the costume.

As you probably know the movie is directed by the Wachowski-Matrix siblings and Tom Tykwer. My fascination with Lana Wachowski started when Mary introduced me to her pink dreads. Want that hair so badly. Lana and her brother haven’t been in the celerity news for years. That changed when they started the promo for Cloud Atlas.

Then Lana Wachowski won the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award. Her speech hit the interwebs last week. It starts with a little story about her hairdresser and just gets better and better.

Lana’s part starts at 4:39.