Hotnuts on a WilderMess Safari

This was the biggest Hotnuts yet and we almost got lost in the WilderMess. I really wouldn’t have mind if there was no way out. So much fun at The Garrison. Thanks everybody for coming out and dressing up.

The HD stage really got the girls going. Mary re-wrote MJB’s hit into a Deep InsideHer Ass. Then, the grinding wonder Miss Jamaica took over with her 4:20 heavy jams. The staggering beats by Dj No Problem got us whining & screaming. Such a hot WilderMess!

Watch clips of Miss Jamaica’s and Mary’s performances after the jump.
Also, more pictures and all pics on flickr.

We’re back for Pride – Saturday, June 30th with extended license till 4am. Get ready for retox!

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New stage - old dolls

Miss Jamaica on stage

Hotnuts WilderMess - 29

Hotnuts WilderMess - 60

Erin and OMG, is that Frank?

El WilderMess Bear Ho



You're cute!

Regina - so mysterious

Lady Shebra

Michael & Bobby

Brandy & hussy

Luis and Minus Smile

Such a swishhhh

“Mary, Mary, why is the monkey crying?”

Ab behind!
“Because I sat on her first born.”

Judy - roar!

Kaleb brought the kitties

Lisa & Sven

Hot Bambibot

So up her alley

Miss Logan


Luis working it on the floor

with Ms Cooter

Mary, Regina, Judy

Jon & Gillian

Tammy Faye

Belting it out

Loree and Minus Smile

Hot Messes

Ms Simpson


Oh lala!

Shot one Gayzelle


Who's liz?

with Regina and The Nurse

Who? Me?

Mary Logan Bambibot

Elephant & Giraffe

Oh hey gurrrls!

Murders on the dance floor

Lost in the WilderMess


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