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The assistant that we hired five years ago to collect all of our press clippings finally had one busy day. Mary Messhausen, produzentin and El Bear Ho are on the cover of Toronto’s fab magazine.
Download your copy here with more pics inside.

And then we did a cute interview with Now Magazine for Hotnuts on a WilderMess Safari.

Dufferin Mall drag queens by Kevin Ritchie

The Garrison is getting a drag makeover. After five years at the Beaver, popular gay dance party HotNuts will upgrade to the Dundas West club and take place every third month.

While pop rules the west-end gay scene, HotNuts is a haven of deep house and DIY couture that’s welcomed performers like the House of Monroe and local drag institution Michelle DuBarry. On Saturday (March 31), dancehall queen Miss Jamaica takes the stage.

Ahead of the event’s comeback, NOW had a three-way phoner with resident DJ Produzentin and host Mary Messhausen to find out what goes into their neo-drag look.

What do you do to prepare for HotNuts?

MARY: Two weeks before the party, Proddy and I go to Dufferin Mall to see the newest collection at Voluptuous, our favourite designer. Second-favourite is Comme des Garçons.

PRODDY: We’re hoping now that this media blitz is starting, the CEO of Voluptuous will call Mary and ask her to do her own line.

MARY: We’re talking major Dufferin Mall collaboration. There will be a lineup of tens of people outside.

Memorable HotNuts moments?

MARY: I have to mention Mama Messhausen, my sly old mother, who did a couple of performances. That’s always a treat. She sang traditional Filipino love songs and did Proud Mary. Right before she sang it she said, “I’m singing this song because I’m so proud of my Mary.”

PRODDY: It was a real tearjerker.

MARY: And Proddy, what are your fave moments?

PRODDY: When Miss Margot came as Britney Spears and threw chicken wings and Cheetos at the audience and slipped on the floor, which she’d greased with Red Bull. There was a nice sweet smell of Red Bull all over the Beaver that night.

What’s your beauty regime on the day of the party?

MARY: We start with a three-quarter chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet.

PRODDY: The last time we had the half-chicken, it wasn’t enough, but we don’t want to order a full chicken because we feel too ashamed.

MARY: Never do drag makeup on an empty stomach. After we eat, it’s a good hour and a half to get the dolls ready to hit the stage.

That’s not so bad.

PRODDY: If we douche, it takes a little longer.


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We’re fed big sugar-coated turds everyday on television and in the news and the magazines and we greedily eat it up like dirty babies. CHRISTEENE is giving you that stank turd without the diamond sugar on it. It’s the same thing. It’s the real thing. Eat it. (source)

Thx ShoSho

Hotnuts is back March 31

Finalujah! After our last Hotnuts in June and Halloqween at The Beaver, we’re back at our new location: The Garrison. There’s lots of space, so bring your biggest hair, biggest asses and biggest Hotnuts to the dance floor. And you’ll be dancing your booties off while the performers wurq it HD style on the main stage.

Please join us for the first Messtravaganza at our new home. It’s all about Hotnuts in the WilderMess. Take a leotarded Safari ride! Breast feed the pink zebra! Get lost in the thick safari bush! It’s gonna be a wild one.

There is now going to be a Hotnuts every three months or so.
Our next one will be for Pride – June 30, but first:

March 31 – Hotnuts on a WilderMess Safari
The Garrison – 10PM – 1197 Dundas West @ Ossignton

Performances at Midnight by
*** Miss Jamaica feat. DJ No Problem ***
*** HD Drag ***

Hosted by Mary Messhausen
DJs das hussy and produzentin
$5 – Dress to impress the Bear Ho at the door

And Hotnuts is not only on the facebooks but also on the twitters, follow us for the latest updates:


420 Fantasy

After I read the interview with Claire Boucher / Grimes (below) in which she mentions that she had a 4:20 Mariah Fantasy and that MC is her favourite singer, I couldn’t be skeptical any longer. And I mean about what? The Montreal native has just released a gay-impact video to the pop hit single Oblivion featuring her naturally high-pitched voice.

There is only one wish: In the last scene of the video, where Claire is wearing a hoodie and then turning around, facing the camera, wouldn’t it been cute if she wore a skull mask – as a reference to the Visions album cover?


On a side note: What is happening to me? I’m listening to more and more Canadian music. First The Weeknd, now Grimes. What’s next? Bieber?

Claire Boucher: (…) Mariah Carey is my favorite singer because her voice sounds utterly groundless. It’s not even a human voice; it almost sounds mechanical.

Pitchfork: How did you first get into Mariah?

Claire Boucher: In 2007 or 2008, I started listening to R&B on this road trip with my dad because we couldn’t agree on anything else. I smoked weed and listened to “Fantasy” and felt something I’d never felt before [laughs]– yeah, that makes me sound so ignorant. But then I slowly started gravitating more toward female singers, because I was able to relate. In medieval Christian thought, it was assumed that the better you were as a singer, the purer your heart was. I don’t necessarily think that’s true, but Mariah Carey has the voice of someone who has never done evil. (source)