Genie in a Hotnut: Return to Dubai

That was the perfect last Hotnuts at The Beaver, where we always felt at home. Thank you Beaver team & much love. Now, after 5 years, the magical carpet is going to take us to a new destination.

Thanks to all Genie’s for making last Friday such a special night and keeping the mirage alive. Watch Gentlelady Regina’s performance at the end of this post. There was a serious camera malfunction during Nancy’s XXX number (aka she is incontinent), so we can’t post it hurrr.

See you after the summer break at our new location in Dubai!
More pictures after the jump, gazillion more on the flickrs.

Mary and my ensemble by Mary Messhausen.


Mary Messhausen, El Bear Ho, produzentin

The Muppet Show

Gentlelady Regina performing

Nancy performing

das huss djing


Karen Frostitution

Cumoily Simmons and Peg Zilla

Oliver, Nancy, Zesty

The Nurse


Violet Cryme, Mary, Glenn

Miss Margot & Zesty


I'm not signing!

Nancy performing

Nancy junk food strip

Nancy rolling herself back together

Who is it?


with Cumoily

Nobu and Zesty

The wife and the ho

Russell Brand and Mary Messhausen

with Karen

so jummy


Judy Virago



Ali Kardashian

Zesty and Mary

Margot and Maxxiiiee

with das hussy dwarf

What she doing?

in front of the stage

The Gentlelady performing


Nancy and ShoSho

Zabbaz and Twincest

The Bobos

Workin It

Maxxiiiee and Peggles

die jungen leude

zesty directors

Mary, El Bear Ho, produzentin

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

3 thoughts on “Genie in a Hotnut: Return to Dubai”

  1. Honey, when you put your fingers on the cameras microphone as a consequence of way too many Jägipressos then this is not what we call “a serious camera malfunction”. We call it a drunken drag queen. Believe your mother. She has been there before.

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