Mannequin Bingo Troll Hotnuts

Lady Darling took the stage and made love to her sister mannequin sex troll doll. All the bingo trolls in the house were screaming: BINGO! It was almost like on Planet Bingo. Just fyi: Bingo means troll in Bingonese.

More pics after the jump and all trolls on flickr.


All the sexy trolls

dj hussy troll

butch door bear troll

sex doll troll

fat baby troll and trolliver

psy-chic tv troll and mary troll

punch that face troll

Ke$ha Troll

hot trolls

neetu troll and proddy troll

birthday troll

smoking trolls

regina and mary troll

chatty trolls

first time as a troll troll

nurse troll

flying troll

mary and dave troll




Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

One thought on “Mannequin Bingo Troll Hotnuts”

  1. oh my god, i didn’t even recognize claire with an exposed forehead! i can’t believe i missed it!! i can’t believe i missed the whole thing!!!! a big xoxoxo from the old country, dolls.

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