Hotnuts JPIV

Hotnuts Jurassic Park IV at lots for ‘sauruses stumbling on the dance floor after Peg Zilla’s and Tyrantasarus Skanks’ performance unleashed slimey dino eggs. Watch Peg & Skanks eat their offspring.

Thank you for the ancient times. Jurassic never felt so Permian.

Outfits of Mary Messhausen, produzentin, Peg Zilla and Bitz by Mary Messhausen Heritage

More after the jump and on flickr.

Mary Messhausen

proddy and Oliver


Peg Zilla


Minus Smile and Israel


das hussy

El Bear Tiger


Bruce La Bruce, Kevin, Bobo, Greg

Robert, Gentleman Reg, Danny

Duncy and Mary

Gentleman Reg, Bobo

Pink Kirsty



Vanessa Skanks

proddy and Piggles

Oliver and Peter

Appearance by Matthew

Best Couple



Minus Smile

Sho Sho

Tony and Proddy

Peter and Mary


Peg Zilla and Skanks

performance art

performance egg

proddy and Mary

Author: produzentin

drag entity, pie hands & toptions

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