A couple of weeks ago, when saw one of Aaron-Carl’s updates about his upcoming European tour, I was very happy for him. Also, a little bit sad, because I would love to have been at Panoramabar when he would have djed there.
Then, just days before he was supposed to leave for the airport, he had to go to the hospital. He had to cancel his tour. It all sounded very tragic. So many of his friends and fans must have checked his updates. So many people send their love to Aaron-Carl. When he was diagnosed with cancer last week, it seemed like he would take the fight and be strong.

Then, this morning, I read the news that Aaron-Carl had died.
This is so sudden and I’m still in shock.
Aaron-Carl, we miss you so much. Sending all the love.

I must have heard Aaron-Carl for the first time, before I even started this blog. So maybe like in 2002 or 2003. I remember it very well. I was at Pro Vinyl, a record store in Frankfurt. I found the 12″ of Homoerotic. It has that spoken intro “Ladies and Gentlemen, the orgasm starts now.” I was hooked instantly. The 4 to the floor house beats with the male gay diva vocals were just up my alley. I mean, how could you resist lines like “Homo – Erotic, so much better than masturbation”.

Shortly after, I ordered his album “Uncloseted” online. When the CD finally arrived in the mail, I was blown away. This was not only house, it spanned genres of R&B, funk, ghettotech and techno. On top of that are the fun bitchy but heartfelt lyrics and his incredible voice. I listened to the album on heavy rotation. I played “I’m not Free” at all the parties I was djing at the time. For me, the highlights on the album are still “Coming Out Story (b.i.t.c.h.)” and “Ex-Boyfriend (Revenge Is Sweet)” with a classic diva chorus “Don’t you know my name???? AARON-CARL!”. I was in love.

Then, in 2005, with my friends Viola and Georg, we invited Aaron-Carl and Pirahnahead to dj at two parties in Cologne and Frankfurt. We were all so excited when we finally met each other at the airport. As we were walking to the parking garage, Aaron-Carl and I held hands out of excitement, joking about it at the same time. We hopped on the train to Cologne and took pictures in front of the Cologne Cathedral the day before the party.

But just hours after our Detroit friends arrived, Aaron-Carl got a phone call from his sister that his mother had died. This was so sudden and sad. He wrote this note in the evening. Of course, he had to return to Detroit the next morning.
The parties were happening, but all of us were sad and emotional. We were so glad that Piranahead was spinning both evenings, getting us through with heartfelt and also uplifting music.

In February 2006, after we had moved to Toronto, we took a road trip to Detroit and spend some time with Pirahnahead, Aaron-Carl, his partner Mel and his kids. When we visited AC at home, he showed us his home studio and arcade game collection in the basement. He was very proud of a “Ms. Pac Man” machine that he had just gotten recently. To Aaron-Carl, “Ms. Pac-Man is the ultimate diva”. We were screaming with laughter.

Back upstairs, we were just sitting on the couch, Aaron-Carl called one of his sons: “Stefan, Stefan, get over huuuuurrrr.” It was so cute and funny, the gay diva summoning his kid. This best pronunciation of “here” has stayed with me. I still love to use it.

Aaron-Carl on soundcloud

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One thought on “Aaron-Carl”

  1. After spending most of the day crying, having spent time with Aaron in his illness, and sharing laughter with him – I am sure he would appreciate this post in his honor. I remember shortly ago (August 19/20, 2010) I celebrated his birthday party with him and played. He said to me ‘Child, this party is gonna be so off the hook.. the ONLY thing missing will be our German family.’ He wanted to make it special for the guests..an atmosphere.. a camaraderie among everyone in attendance, so he made special ‘gift bags’ for everyone who came (f.i.v.e). So at his birthday party, we gave a tribute (so-to-speak) to the ‘For the Love:BYA’ party. Many times, we would often speak about the moment in Germany when he had to return home. I often reminded him of how I was determined to return home with him to assist in his grief, but he reminded me then while we were all in his room ‘These people are coming to have a good time with us…give it to these children for me…work them out! I’ll be fine.’ Mz Prod., Viola, Georg, you all have a very special place in the heart and spirit of Aaron -Carl as you do with me. We are sad here in Detroit (I’ve been trying to reach Viola) and we know how sad you must be there. The contribution you all made to our family is what makes this a family, and I love you for that, though we are all missing our brother Aaron. So I want you to know he is with us in our hearts, our souls, and in the music – and now ‘somewhere up in the sky’. I love you all. AC & W.A.R.M.T.H Forever.

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