Auf’d at Très Fatty Gay

Saturday a week ago, I was part of the opening of Cosima von Bonin’s exhibition “The Fatigue Empire”. I had the honour of kicking people out of the Kunsthaus Bregenz. Sounds like the perfect job for me, right? My friend Doc Nancy was also there and drove the car through the 2nd floor of the Kunsthaus. Drink’n’Drive has never been more fun.

I started throwing people out on the 3rd floor by presenting “You Are Auf’d” postcards, which didn’t go down so well. Most people just wanted to stay. So, I said: “All cute people have to leave and you are very cute. Just look around, who’s left?!”.
And down the stairs they went.

Now you can call it performance. But when is a drag queen not performing? HELLO?!

Check out some pictures below and more after the jump. Even more pictures on flickr.

My dress by Mary Messhausen. Clam hat by Cosima von Bonin.
Manatees-and-nail-polish digital silk print of the dress by Pandy Ramada.

With Cosima and Einsiedlerkrebs.

At the Pädagogikraum. Can you spot Doc Nancy?

To Cosima: “Ich weiss nicht was passiert ist, aber die Muschel sieht ja aus wie Hund! Das konnte ich unmöglich so als Hut tragen. Der Muschelhut musste verhüllt werden.”

They was really cute, but I had to give them the “You Are Auf’d” card. Sorry babes!

So, jetzt mal runter die Treppen.

“Ammh, you need to hurry up and leave, cuties.
Doc Nancy is already waiting in the currrr for me.”

Doc Nancy waiting in the car. She’s a rebel.



During our ride, Doc Nancy yelled at me: “I’m going to drive the car against the wall. I’m going to do it.”

Can you say Futagirls? The clam hat is finally unleashed.

Sloppy Futa Girls.

Caged Futa Girls.


The pink vuvuzela had to kick out the most resistant people.



The End

And now, for more clam-ness, watch this little clip by a favourite drag queen of mine, TaMMie Brown. It’s called Clam Happy!

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